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    Social media management thirty posts per month

    Delivery in 30 days   2 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    The work consists of two phases:

    • the cognitive and strategy analysis phase
    • the phase of creation of the monthly editorial plan with a number of contents, and therefore price, to be agreed upon in the cognitive phase

    The service includes:

    • Study and development of the communication strategy
    • Account setup (opening pages or optimization: cover, main information, categories, roles, etc.)
    • Graphic and textual content production activities: posts, stories, photos and videos (max 30 per month)
    • Publication
    • Monthly report and analysis
    • Community management
    • Management of sponsorship campaigns on FB/IG (n.4 per month)
    Made in:
    Roma, Lazio, Italy

    Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer

    Delivery in 2 days   3 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    I'm a freelance graphic designer and social media manager. 
    I'm looking for people from all over Italy to collaborate with remotely. 

    I deal with:
    - Layout magazines, booklets and menus 
    - create posters, business cards, custom logos 
    - create and manage social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) 
    - study competitors and adopt a strategy 
    - content planning and creation 
    - advertising campaigns 

    I know how to use Photoshop , Illustrator, Indesign and Canva.
    I'm attending a Digital Marketing course. 
    I have experience with a couple of financial advisors and a nail technician, I designed a semi-annual padel magazine.

    €180.00 -40% with more orders
    Made in:
    Belluno, Veneto, Italy

    Social Media Graphics

    Delivery in 3 days   1 revision included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Creation of graphics and formats for social media. Layout setting for the Instagram, Facebook and possibly TikTok and/or Linkedin page.

    The price varies based on the complexity of the project.

    €45.00 -10% with more orders
    Made in:
    Valvasone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

    Digital Brand Online

    Delivery in 1 day   5 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Digital business card (TAG) that allows, in a few seconds, the exchange of data between two people simply by bringing their respective smartphones close. Platform that allows you to generate infinite graphics for infinite purposes. The Modern and Smart way to promote yourself on Social Platforms. You can easily create short URLs, Bio Link profiles, QRCodes and use our professional reports.

    Made in:
    Lamézia, Calabria, Italy

    Creation of professional websites

    Delivery in 5 days   5 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    90% of the search for a product takes place through a smartphone or tablet. Not taking advantage of the opportunities that the web offers has repercussions on your turnover, why not expand your turnover through your website?

    The objectives we set ourselves in creating websites are:

    • Guarantee correct usability of the site for the user.
    • Affect the user while browsing.
    • Be present on search engines.

    High quality and experienced e-commerce site:

    To create an e-commerce site capable of making a difference, it is essential to rely on professionals in the sector. Behind the complete portal, in fact, there is a very complex job. An exceptional quality e-commerce must be well positioned on search engines, competition is very high. SEO is essential and the listings of product must be able to capture the user's attention by making him perceive the uniqueness of the proposal. The staff of Cagliari Capitale, experts in the creation of high-quality websites, are ready to listen to your needs and provide you with all the support for the creation of an e-commerce capable of turning your business around.

    Showcase website the website tailored for you:

    Creating a showcase website represents the first step towards being present on the internet. Companies, entrepreneurial projects and commercial activities need to create a showcase site as it can be the fastest way to start becoming familiar with the now necessary world of the web. We at Mediatica support you in creating an ad hoc site.

    The web designers of Cagliari Capitale will create an effective and optimized website for you, to give your business more visibility on the web and help you reach new customers.

    Made in:
    Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy

    I help you find both local and online customers

    Delivery in 7 days   2 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Advertising Campaigns: I specialize in creating and managing highly targeted advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. My goal is not only to increase traffic but to convert visitors into loyal customers.

    Analysis and Optimization: I constantly monitor the performance of strategies and campaigns, making precise adjustments to maximize results. Data is my beacon to drive decisions and constantly refine strategy.

    My approach is based on the ability to create engaging content that not only reaches your audience, but actively engages them. Social media represents a storytelling space for your unique story, a place where we can build a close-knit and passionate community.

    My skills also include:

    Website Optimization: I create well-structured and optimized websites to improve visibility in search engines and ensure an excellent user experience. But my commitment doesn't stop at website design. I believe that every visit to your site should offer an experience that makes visitors feel heard and understood right from the start. For this reason, I design websites that offer immersive experiences that go beyond mere aesthetics and that focus on turning visitors into customers. Intuitive navigation, informative content and search engine optimization are the pillars of my endorsement.

    Social Media Management: Develop custom social media strategies to reach and engage your audience, increasing engagement and brand awareness.

    Content Marketing: I create valuable content, such as articles, blog posts and videos, that capture the attention of the audience and consolidate the authority of your brand.

    I am passionate about my work and believe in a personalized approach, working closely with my clients to understand their unique needs and create bespoke solutions. My priority is to obtain concrete results that translate into business growth.

    My passion is driven by the desire to see your business grow. I'm here to help you build an authentic, engaging, and lasting online presence. If you're looking for a digital marketing expert to help you reach new levels of online success, don't hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure to collaborate with you and work together to achieve your marketing and business goals. Together we can create a customized strategy that brings tangible results and authentic connections with your audience.

    €240.00 -20% with more orders
    Made in:
    Roma, Lazio, Italy

    Writing Article for Blog or Site in SEO Optic

    Delivery in 2 days   2 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Article writing from an SEO perspective with two thousand word for your blog or site, the article includes the keywords regarding the topic covered in order to be indexed on search engines.

    Send details regarding the topic to be covered, once completed it will be sent in Word format.

    Made in:
    Viterbo, Lazio, Italy

    Check your website's reputation

    Delivery in 5 days   Unlimited revisions
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    I will check your website to make sure it includes everything you need for a successful online presence and give you the advice you need on how to improve it. I analyze the source code of your website.

    The service includes: 

    Control of the website display on desktop and mobile. 

    Verification of visibility in search engines. 

    Website security check, 

    Check the speed of the website.

    For the service I will need Login details to the site control panel and login details of your hosting.

    If you have any doubts, you can send me a message before proceeding with the order.

    €80.00 -20%
    €70.00 -30% with more orders
    Made in:
    Milano, Lombardia, Italy

    Digital marketing premium package

    Delivery in 10 days   3 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    We deal with digital marketing on social channels, on all platforms, thanks to our social media managers with years of experience and certificates, they will be able to make your company / business visible on all the social channels you want, with copywriter services, publication of posts in two languages, sponsorships, advertising campaigns and more.

    The cost of the service is €1500.00 per month with a minimum contract of 3 months.

    With this order we offer you digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, with four publications per week including stories.

    The package includes:

    1. Lead Generation (Followers)
    2. Digital marketing
    3. Social page creation/management
    4. Monthly social activity report creation
    5. Google my Business
    6. Monthly editorial plan
    7. Copywriter service
    €1,200.00 -20% with more orders
    Made in:
    Pavia, Lombardia, Italy

    Copywriting Post Writing for Social Page

    Delivery in 3 days   2 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Post writing service for Facebook pages or groups complete with emojis, reference links and images to be agreed.

    The service includes a month of insertion for 3 posts a week.

    Files will be sent by email once a week for inclusion in your account.

    €31.35 -5% with more orders
    Made in:
    Viterbo, Lazio, Italy