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The use of cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site. Our cookies do not store data such as your name, address, telephone number . Cookies are used simply to record the parts of the site visited by users and their duration. These are the cookies that are used to browse or provide a service requested by the user. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the website owner. Without the use of these cookies, defined as technical, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less secure, for which cookies, which allow you to make and maintain user identification during the session, are indispensable. You can use your browser to block, limit or delete the cookies themselves. Some links placed on the website point to websites, for example Facebook, Twitter, etc., or use services such as GoogleMap, etc. which have their own mode of use of cookies, methods of use for which Aligys srl has no direct control and for which it is not responsible for them. The user must refer to the information reported on the websites of specific third-party companies. Third-party cookies: By visiting a website you can receive cookies both from the visited site ("owners"), and from sites managed by other organizations ("third parties"). A notable example is the presence of "social plugins" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are parts of the visited page generated directly by the aforementioned sites and integrated into the host site page. The most common use of social plugins is aimed at sharing content on social networks. To ensure greater transparency and convenience, the various information and methods for managing cookies are shown below.
Facebook informations Facebook configuration: access your account. Privacy section. The most common use of social plugins is aimed at sharing content on social networks. The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites managed by third parties. The management of the information collected by "third parties" is governed by the relevant information which please refer to. To ensure greater transparency and convenience, the web addresses of the various information notices and methods for managing cookies are shown below. 
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Cookie management. The user can decide whether or not to accept cookies using the settings of his browser: The total or partial disabling of technical cookies can compromise the use of the site features reserved for registered users. On the contrary, the usability of public content is also possible by completely disabling cookies. Disabling "third party" cookies does not affect browsing in any way. The setting can be defined specifically for the different websites and web applications. Furthermore, the best browsers allow you to define different settings for "proprietary" and "third party" cookies. 
Management of cookies on Firefox, through the menu Tools-> Options -> Privacy, you can access a control panel where you can define whether or not to accept the different types of cookies and proceed with their removal. 
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Zoneed does not use persistent cookies. This information is constantly updated.Last updated 05/04/2020.