Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of our web portal and our WebApp as well as all our services made available through any other channel, current or future. By accessing our web portal, even from mobile devices, visiting it, using it and / or using the applications available through any platform and / or making a purchase or booking, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions below reported. An acceptance and consent bar will allow you to fully accept this document. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you'll not be able to use our Portal but you'll be able to consult it on the screen without interacting with the services and features offered. Registration on the Portal is mandatory for the purposes just mentioned. Therefore, please read the following content carefully and print a copy of this document for future reference. In order to use our services, you must be over 18 years of age. By using our services and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you declare that you have reached 18 years of age. The Portal and the services provided in it are provided by the Company Aligys Srl, with registered office in Via della Montagna 42, 87010 (CS) Frascineto, Italy, VAT number 03249460787, [email protected], [email protected], on support contact is the following email address [email protected].

The term "User" or "Professional" means any natural or legal person who uses the services provided by the Zoneed.com web portal and / or the WebApp, for any purpose, consultative, booking, purchasing services or to promote and offer the services themselves that are intended to be offered or purchased through the Portal. Even the sole use of the Portal attributes the User status and implies full acceptance, without reservation, of all the provisions listed in this document and operating at the same moment in which the User accesses the Portal. The use of "you, your / or / or" refers to you as a User. Once published, the services and services offered by Users and Professionals registered on the Portal consist, with the observance of the respective ethical standards of reference for the ordinary and regulated professions, in the provision of services and / or consultancy, both for payment and free mode. Only after registering on the Portal, as will be seen below, Users who publish services will be called "Professionals" and Users who book or purchase the services will be called "Customers".

Aligys S.r.l., n.q. owner of the web portal, reserves the right to modify the conditions of use of the portal. Therefore, the User must carefully read the relevant Conditions on each occasion of use of the same, in order to know any changes made. However, the conditions existing at the time of purchase of the service freely available and made available on the web portal will be applied to the services already purchased by the User. We reserve the right to close or modify our Portal without prior notice, as well as to withdraw or modify all the services and consultancy published by giving reasonable notice to the user. We periodically update our Portal whose contents, therefore, may change at any time without notice to users. Materials and information published on our Portal must not be interpreted as recommendations or considered as such, relying on them. Therefore, as far as permitted by applicable laws, we decline any responsibility deriving from the possible use of such information by the Customers.

The Portal has the following main functions:Communication of general information on regulated and non-regulated professions;Data collection and Booking and purchase center for services provided by third parties ("Professionals") who wish to offer their services and consultancy for sale or free of charge.Drafting of articles by single category of professions and visibility of subscribers with indexing on the main search engines.

4.1 Access to the Portal is free and free, it is allowed to subjects with a minimum age of 18. To use the service, minors must have obtained the consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives who will be responsible for all the acts placed i be from the minor person. Payment is expected in case of purchase of the chosen service and for Professionals based on the service they intend to offer and the quantity of sale of the same.
4.2 The burden of preparing what is necessary to access the Portal and to view it, as well as to ensure that anyone who uses your Internet connection to access our Portal knows the Conditions of use and the relative cost.
4.3 Access to the Portal and its services may also occasionally be limited to allow for the repair, maintenance or introduction of new structures or services. We will try to restore access as quickly as possible. We also reserve the right to block access to any material and / or to modify or remove any material which, in our reasonable judgment, could result in a violation of this Agreement.

5.1 The User must complete the registration form made available on the web portal, providing up-to-date and truthful personal and contact data, the Property is exempted from any liability regarding the veracity of the same.
5.2 The User can create only one account, which can be accessed through his e-mail and the chosen and set password. The same User is not allowed to have more than one account as well as to create an account for other people other than himself.
5.3 In the event that the User creates an account in violation of the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to: a) suspend the provision of any service purchased by the User, without the right to be refunded the amounts paid for the purchase of the same; b) cancel the accounts, canceling any credit that may have been accumulated by them in the case of Professionals; c) prohibit the generation of new accounts for the aforementioned User and / or deny or cancel access to the Portal; d) attribute to the User the damages and prejudices caused to the Company as a consequence of the inappropriate and fraudulent use of the Portal and act in every court to obtain the restoration of each item of damage.
5.4 Users and Professionals undertake to keep the passwords associated with their account confidential and to prevent their transfer or disclosure, even accidental, to third parties. Users and Professionals undertake to take all necessary precautions to ensure that their password remains secure and confidential and to contact the e-mail address [email protected], in case they have reason to believe that any third party is aware of the relative password or if the password is, or is presumably about to be, used in an unauthorized way.
5.5 Users and Professionals are solely responsible for the activities carried out on their respective accounts, including the content of publications, articles and information on the services associated with them.
5.6 In any case, Aligys S.r.l. reserves the right to revoke registrations on the Portal and / or to cancel all or part of the Users' rights as well as the right to disable, at any time, all identification codes and accesses to the Portal if you have not followed the provisions of one of the aforementioned rules of conduct. The Company also declines all responsibility for loss or damage caused by the inability of a User to access the pages of the Portal but remains available to the user and the Professional if the problem solving activity can be managed directly by the Company or is attributable to the same in terms of technical and maintenance intervention of the Portal and limited to this single provision.

You cannot use the Portal: 
6.1 by introducing viruses, illegal programs, software containing advertisements, or other elements, programs or codes that affect the functioning of software or IT equipment by procuring or attempting to obtain unauthorized access to the server hosting our Portal, or to any other server , computer or database, webfarm, connected to our Portal and / or interrupting the Portal Service with isolated computer attacks or launched simultaneously from multiple sources.
6.2 publish or transmit through the Portal and / or Apps illegal content and / or that violate the rights of others and / or with an offensive, defamatory, privacy-damaging nature or vulgar, obscene, or otherwise questionable content, which incites a criminal conduct , or which may generate a civil liability, which otherwise violate the law, or which contain advertisements or solicitations with respect to other products and services;
6.3 limit or inhibit another User with respect to the use of the Portal and / or the App, expose and implement solicitations of a religious, political or any nature, including, by way of example and not limited to, the invitation, even indirect , to prefer other online or offline services, or services potentially in competition with those offered by the Portal, which, in such cases, reserves the right to ask the User and / or the Professional for compensation for any damage suffered.
6.4 The violation of the methods of use of the Portal as described in point 6.1 or in any case for some of them, configures in some cases criminal liability which will be the subject of denunciation to the competent judicial Authorities and, in any case, will result in the immediate loss of the right to use of the Portal by the person who violates these rules of use of the Portal. 6.5 The User undertakes to use the Portal for the sole purpose of using the services offered by the same.
6.6 The User undertakes to indemnify Aligys Srl and to replace it, even in out of court, for any dispute that may be advanced by third parties as a consequence of the improper and unauthorized use of the Portal and / or the App that does not comply with the law and these Terms of Use.
6.7 Failure to comply with these rules as well as with the rules of conduct referred to in point 5 constitutes sufficient cause to proceed with the unilateral interruption of the service and the cancellation of the profile of the defaulting User, with the right of Aligys S.r.l. to claim compensation for any damage caused by the failure of the User to comply with these rules in any court that will be appropriate.

7.1 To open an account on the Portal it is necessary to be over 18 years of age or to have received consent in this regard from parents, guardians or legal representatives if you have not reached the age of majority.
7.2 Following the completion of the registration form, Users who publish services will be called "Professionals" and Users who book, purchase the services, browse the Portal, leave their reviews, will be called "Customers". After registration, the User will receive a link to confirm the registration and to verify the email address you have provided. Registration on the Portal is free. The user is responsible for all activities carried out with his account until the time of cancellation and effective deactivation.The user can leave reviews to the chosen professionals in the forms of good education and with a language appropriate and educated with the best described methods of following art. 13 of this document.
7.3 Once registered, the Professional can write articles, publish his own professional page, publish services or consultancy, book and buy, comment and review.

The user can cancel his account at any time by sending an email to [email protected] and subsequently he will receive a communication confirming the cancellation of his account. The user is responsible for all activities carried out with the account until the time of cancellation and effective deactivation. The User acknowledges that the Company may, at its discretion, disconnect the password and the account by giving written communication by email to the interested party. The Company reserves the right to declare the contract terminated pursuant to art. 1450 c.c. , if the user contravenes or defaults on one of the obligations or behavioral rules for using the platform referred to in these general conditions.

The Portal is a marketplace where User demand meets Professional offer. In this context, after completing the registration form and then the booking form, the Portal allows you to book and purchase the services offered by professionals immediately and automatically. The Customer therefore has two contractual relationships: the first with the platform with which he undertakes in terms of diligence and compliance with the rules of use absolutely free of charge and another, completely autonomous, with the Professional and which affects the services purchased online .9.1 The services that can be purchased, ordered or booked are sold, offered and marketed through the Portal but rendered directly to the Customer / consumer by the Professionals registered therein. The Portal is exempt from any liability relating to the conformity of the service rendered by the Professional with respect to the Customer's expectations, the latter now releases the Company Aligys srl, owner of the Portal, from any civil and criminal liability in this regard. The Portal intervenes, through its showcase, only to define the contact between the Customer and the Professional. The latter will then make direct contacts with the Customer in order to determine the provision of the service purchased through the Portal, and choose whether to purchase the service using online payment or on-site payment. In both cases, the related tax document will be issued by the Professional according to the terms of the law and based on the price paid by the Customer and agreed with the latter. The Portal manages, through an SSL secure payment platform, the purchases of online payment services offered by Professionals limited only to the logistical and organizational and security aspects of transactions but does not intervene as regards the use of the same services and the responsibility of the Professional for the correct execution of the services themselves.9.2 The Portal allows you to purchase, order or book a wide range of services and consultancy, provided by our Professionals. The Portal, as mentioned, takes care of forwarding your reservations and orders made by you to the selected Professionals present on the Portal as well as collecting the related payments made online through the PayPal payment service.9.3 We reiterate that the services purchased, ordered or booked through our Portal are the responsibility of the Professionals who provide them. From a legal point of view, this separation of responsibility means that when you purchase a service, two legally binding contracts come into being: the first is a contract between you and the Portal, under which the Portal assumes, towards you, the obligations related to the chosen order, to the booking and to the online payment only; the second is a contract between you and the Professional, concerning the supply of the services purchased, ordered or booked by you through the Portal. This last contract may provide for other and different conditions that are directly established by you and the Professional with a view to free negotiation between the parties and legally relevant to them. In the event that the User is not satisfied with the Portal and its contents, the termination of the use of the site or contents will be remedied. The aforementioned limitation is an integral part of the contract between the parties.

10.1 Users, to purchase, order or book the services published on the Portal, must register, completing the registration form and accepting the Terms and Conditions set out in this document as well as the Privacy Policy provided for this purpose. Please take the appropriate time to read and verify the booking format at each stage of the compilation and before sending the final order. The services can be with direct booking, through professional confirmation, with online or on-site payment. If you purchase a service with direct booking, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with all details of the service. If you book a service via professional confirmation, within 48 hours from the date of your request made, you'll receive a response from the professional, in case you paid online and the booking request is not accepted, you'll be refunded the full amount paid. After sending each order or booking, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from us with an indication of all the elements of the service you have booked and purchased. When User receives this e-mail or Acceptance message, the Contract with the Professional enters into force. The Acceptance contains information regarding the extent of the service (as it is described in the Booking Request) and about the Professional who will perform the service (identity, full address, telephone number).
10.2 The prices of the services include VAT.
10.3 If the option to pay on site is available and has been chosen, all services must be paid for at the Professional's when they go to the agreed appointment. This payment option will be inserted optionally by the Professional on the Portal.
10.4 For the payment of online services, we inform you that the Portal uses, as mentioned, the PayPal system as a payment service provider that will activate the necessary secure identification procedures (ID) for each User, offering them the possibility to store and keep securely the data relating to the payment instrument used for subsequent purchases. The Portal will do everything reasonably possible to keep the online payment service always operational and functioning and will take all necessary and possible security measures to ensure the best possible security for the user.
10.5 The Portal does not have access to bank data connected to payment instruments and does not know or record such data during the payment operation.
10.6 By purchasing a service published on the Portal, the Customer accepts all the characteristics of the service offered in its entirety and any complaints will have to be carried out only and exclusively towards the same Professional. The Company is not involved in the phase following that of booking and purchase or in the negotiation between the Professional and the Customer and, even less, in carrying out the booking made through the site.
10.7 The Customer exempts Aligys S.r.l. from any liability in the event that these cancel or suspend their account for reasons related to the contravention of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, and in particular, if the Customer does not pay the price of the service or uses fraudulent or suspicious accounts. 

11.1 The Customer may cancel the reservation made for a service that can be booked with payment on site, online or free of charge. If paid online and cancel up to a maximum of 24 hours before the booking date and time, customer will be refunded the full amount paid, if cancel within the last 24 hours from the booking date and time will be withheld an amount equal to 50% of the amount paid. The cancellation of the booked service will be possible from "My Purchases" page using the "Cancel reservation" button. Upon cancellation, the amount will be refunded to the Customer. If the reservation was made with payment on site, the customer receives the notification of cancellation.  
11.2 In case of service provided online, you'll have to agree for cancel or refund directly through our Customer Support page, indicating the order number and the reason for the cancellation.
11.3 If, on the other hand, you wish to change the date and time of a reservation that has already confirmed, whether it is paid online or in the office, please contact the Professional directly.
11.4 If you do not go to an appointment whose payment has not yet been paid, without having promptly communicated, in the above term, your impediment or made the request to move the date or time of the meeting, the Professional will communicate your failure appointment at the Portal that will suspend your account for a month and you'll not be able to purchase, book, order the services on the Portal. This is to guarantee and protect the work of all Professionals as well as to protect other users who, due to the booking operation, which was not successful and without having adopted a justified reason, cannot book the service you have chosen. If it is impossible to contact directly to cancel or modify your booking or purchase with the Professional, you can contact our team, at the following addresses: e-mail: [email protected], which will provide, as far as possible, the necessary support.

The User is required to provide the Professionals with the information and assistance necessary for the execution of the contract, in order to ensure that the work can be performed perfectly and efficiently. The Professionals are responsible towards the User in case of non-fulfillment of the contractual or non-contractual obligations according to the provisions of the law. The Company can never be held responsible for any damage suffered by the user as a result of the Performance or non-performance booked through the site or delays by the Professional in providing the service. The User is required to provide the Professionals with the information and assistance necessary for the execution of the contract, in order to ensure that the work can be performed perfectly and efficiently. The Professionals are responsible towards the User in case of non-fulfillment of the contractual or non-contractual obligations according to the provisions of the law. The Company can never be held responsible for any damage suffered by the user as a result of the Performance or non-performance booked through the site or delays by the Professional in providing the service.

For the services rendered by the Professional to users, the Customer's free right of withdrawal is guaranteed, which is governed by Italian law and the Consumer Code Legislative Decree. 206/2005 for the protection of consumers. The right of withdrawal and the methods for exercising it are related to the nature of the service rendered by the Professional in accordance with the law and the free right to exercise the same, the methods of which will be made evident by the individual Professional before purchasing the service and accepted in complete autonomy and awareness from the customer. 

14.1 The Customer may, once the service has been provided, publish any reviews on the Professional, always reporting the truth of the facts, expressing himself with correctness and diligence and using a language free of offenses and unsavory and unspeakable idioms educated.
14.2 The Company may delete any content or suspend the review service if it believes, based on its own unquestionable judgment, that the Customer has violated the rules and obligations described in these Terms and Conditions or if said content may be considered inappropriate and / or false .
14.3 All published comments will be attributed to the customer's name from the latter press release but the relevant e-mail address will not be published on the Portal.
14.4 Aligys S.r.l. reserves the right to refuse publications that do not correspond to what is written above or to cancel without notice what has already been published, declining any responsibility for losses or damages that may derive from said refusal or cancellation and with the express reserve of the right to close Users' accounts and / or to deny certain Users the possibility of publishing on the Portal in the event of repeated and / or serious violations.
14.5 The opinions and opinions expressed by customers belong to those who publish them and not to the company Aligys S.r.l., which declines all responsibility for the relative content. However, if you believe that content published on the Portal is in any way offensive, obscene, defamatory, racist, harmful, incorrect, illegal, illicit or misleading, please communicate it to the e-mail address [email protected] in order to report to the competent judicial authorities at each venue that will be appropriate. Upon reporting, the opportunity to cancel or block access for the Customer who has entered the comment will be evaluated.

The Professional can publish a service only after filling in the fields relating to the contact data and the profession and, after entering a detailed description of the relevant profile and the service to be published. In the descriptions of your business, profile or services you cannot enter your surname, contact data such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers or any content attributable to you. The contents are inserted in the main language chosen, but can also be inserted in English and Spanish. The Professionals are not workers, employees, collaborators, agents or partners of the Portal. The Consumer Code as a non-consumer does not apply to the Professional registered on the Portal.

Once the signup phase has been completed, the Professional must necessarily publish a service to be visible and access the Portal's functions. The Professional, at this stage, can decide whether to publish the service to be provided only online, to be provided on-site, off-site or, choosing both options, on-site and off-site, with possibility to request an extra cost for kilometers to travel off-site, which will be paid directly by the customer on the booking day. Furthermore, can have the following payment methods:
1. payment only online;
2. payment only on-site;
3. payment online and on-site;
4. it can also be provided free of charge;
and can be booked with "Direct booking" or with "Booking with confirmation". In case of "Direct Booking" the appointment will be confirmed automatically. With "Booking with confirmation" every booking receives a request to confirm the same booking and will have 48 hours to decide whether or not to confirm the same booking. By confirming the booking, a fee will be taken and, if not confirmed within 48 hours, no fee will be taken and the request itself will be automatically canceled. In case of cancellation of a booking with confirmation, where the customer paid online, it will be automatically refunded. If the Customer books a free service, the Professional will always receive an e-mail, which will allow to confirmed or not the booking.
In case of service to be provided online, the Professional, by the delivery date, must provide what the Customer purchased. The Customer, within 48 hours from the delivery date, must approve or request further changes. If requested changes, the Professional can decide whether to approve them and provide the service on time, whether to approve them by extending the delivery date and specifying the reason for the extension of the date, or whether to cancel the service. In case of the Professional does not take any action within 48 hours from the requested changes, the service will be automatically confirmed and the Customer can contact our Customer Support. On the expected delivery date, the Customer will have 48 hours to approve or request further changes, if the Customer does not take any action, the service will be automatically confirmed. From the delivery date, the Customer must, within 48 hours, approve or request further changes which may or may not be approved by the Professional. If the Customer does not approve within 48 hours, the service will be automatically confirmed.
Therefore, in order to accept a reservation or an order, a credit equal to a fee is required. The credit can be added at the same time as the order confirmation or by using the "Balance" page, where you can add the credit. The accumulated or available credit will remain available to the Professional, as well as to be withdrawn, also to purchase services within the Portal. In the latter case, the Portal will automatically withdraw, if available, the credit necessary to pay for the purchases made. Professionals are liable to Clients in the event of non-fulfillment of contractual or non-contractual obligations, relieving the Portal and all its present or future articulations from any liability. Professionals will be able to delete their Profile from their personal page, the data will be collected by the Portal for the purposes strictly connected to the use of the Portal and will be kept by the Company for a maximum of 10 years. 

The publication of the service includes also possibility to offer the service via video call. You must have an external application or software available to make video calls, not provided by Zoneed, and indicate this while publication. In this way the client will be aware and, in order to book or order the service in this way, he will have the same application or the same software to be able to communicate with you.

18.1 Add credit. The Professional can add credit from the Balance page. You'll have the "balance not available", as the sum of all the amounts of the services to be provided, and the "available balance", as the sum of all that can be withdrawn, or the sum of the amounts with reservations already made and orders already provided.
18.2 On each service provided, after 4 days from the date of the appointment or supply, the amount paid by the Customer, withholding the amount of the fee due to the Portal, (agreed and communicated in advance with the Professional to the extent of 10% of the price of each service purchased online or to be paid on site. In the case of services offered free of charge, the sum of Euro 5.00 per service booked will be requested) it will become available and can be used to purchase services within the Portal or be transferred to a PayPal account from the balance page under "Withdraw credit" and therefore left in the full availability of the Professional. The latter will issue an invoice to the Customers who made the purchase at the time of booking and confirmation. In case of cancellation or cancellation by the Customer, the Professional will issue a credit note and the Customer will be reimbursed the sum paid without penalty or additional costs.

The Professional can cancel a booking confirmed or only a booking request made by the Customer for a paid service or bookable for free or to provide online. Booking confirmed can be canceled up to a maximum of 24 hours before the booking date and time. A fee will be required for each service that needs to cancel. Booking requests, on the other hand, can be canceled within 48 hours from the order date and time without paying any fee. If they are not canceled by the deadline, will be canceled automatically and no fee will be required. The Professional who, in case of a confirmed booking, need to change the date or time of the appointment, can communicate directly to the contact details provided by the Customer. In the case of a service to provide online, the Professional, specifying the reason, can cancel the order on the delivery date and no fee will be taken. If the Customer paid online, after cancellation, the full amount will be automatically refunded to the Customer.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the Professional grants the Company Aligys srl a non-exclusive, free, unlimited license to reproduce, distribute, transmit and publicly display information, documents, in whole or in part, in any way and medium, for the marketing and advertising purposes of the Portal. The Professional, by publishing, declares to have all the authorizations and licenses of the contents, images, distinctive signs, thus exempting Aligys S.r.l. from any related liability. The Professional can upload a profile image personal and not related to own business, whether carried out individually (mandatory) and an image of the service rendered (voluntary) in his profile on which he boasts intellectual property rights and without risk that the recipients may find the uploaded images offensive. It is forbidden to upload vulgar, obscene or otherwise offensive images and in any case images for which you are not the owner of copyright and intellectual property. The supported formats are jpeg, png and jpg and the maximum size is 10 MB. The names of the images and photos must not contain punctuation marks other than those relating to the file extension. In providing the Contents, the Professional declares and undertakes to guarantee that he is the owner of such contents as well as all the rights relating to the granting of licenses and permits of any kind in relation to the aforementioned Contents. Furthermore, it declares and guarantees that the sharing of the contents released by the Professional, for the purposes indicated, does not violate or infringe the copyrights, trademarks or any other intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, including advertising rights or privacy rights.

21.1 The publication of articles is possible only after having published at least one service. In the content of the article to be published, it is not possible to insert contact data, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers or any content conducible to your person or company. The content must be entered in the main language chosen, but it can also be inserted in other languages.
21.2 The Company reserves the right to refuse publications that do not correspond to what is written above or to cancel previously published articles without prior notice. By providing User Content or other information on or through the Site, you grant the Portal a right and license free of perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, sublicensed, absolute, non-exclusive, transferable rights to use, reproduce, create works derived from, publishing, correcting, translating, distributing, executing, showing, transmitting, offering for sale and transferring User Content, alone or as part of other works, and in any form, media or technology, currently known or subsequently developed, as well as to sublicense these rights to several sub-licensees, all without paying any compensation to you. Furthermore, pursuant to this Agreement, you waive any right relating to the authorship or integrity of the materials covered by the User Content that may be recognized to you in accordance with any applicable law. The license due to the Portal regarding the User Content or the personal data provided includes their use for promotions, advertising, marketing, market research, Partner feedback, quality control or for any other lawful purpose.
21.3 Copyright procedures: the Portal reserves the right to suspend the right of the user or third parties to use the Site, if such use violates the intellectual property rights of others. In certain circumstances and in its sole discretion, the Portal has the right to suspend the right of the user or third parties to access the Site, if the Portal is aware of the repeated violations of that user or third parties.

22.1 The structure of the Portal and all the contents present or made available on the Portal, on the App, on social pages, on forums, blogs and any means of communication that the Portal will now or forward choose to use in the form of texts, graphics, logos, icon buttons, images, animations, audio or video files, names, brands, distinctive signs, page headers, digital downloads, data and software collections are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights. Aligys S.r.l. is the owner of the related intellectual and industrial property rights. In particular, the name, trademarks and distinctive signs of the Portal cannot be used in relation to products or services that are not from the Portal, in such a way as to generate confusion among the public or that could in any way discredit the Portal. Any additional trademarks not owned by the Portal, which appear on the Portal, are the property of their respective owners, who have authorized to publish them on the Portal and to use them for the purposes of providing the service.
22.2 We explicitly reserve all rights to and from the domain name "zoneed.com" and all related domains and sub-domains, the name "Zoneed", our logo, service marks, commercial names and / or on brands. The other brands, products and company names that appear on the Portal belong to their respective owners and licensors, who remain exclusive holders of the related rights. The same rights are reserved for the booking management tool, information and the rest of the works and inventions related to the Portal as well as the technology associated with it.
22.3 The computer code of the applications that make up the Portal and the App is, as appropriate, owned by Aligys S.r.l. or used by Aligys srl on the basis of licenses and is protected by Italian and international laws on intellectual property law. It is not allowed to systematically extract and / or reuse parts of the Portal and / or the App. In particular, it is not allowed to use any acquisition or extraction device to extract (one or more times) or reuse any substantial part of the Portal and / or the App. The User will not even be able to create and / or publish his own database which reproduces substantial parts of the Portal.
22.4 The Customer, and in general any natural or legal person who wishes to insert hypertext or other links (for example, links) from websites or internet portals belonging or managed by third parties to our Portal, must obtain prior authorization in writing from Aligys Srl. The creation of a hypertext link does not imply, in any case, the existence of a relationship between Aligys Srl and the owner of the Portal or the web page where said link is present, nor the acceptance or approval by Aligys S.r.l. of its contents or services. In any case, Aligys S.r.l. reserves the right to prevent or render any hypertext connection to the Portal useless, especially in the event of illegal activity and content of the same.
22.5 The Portal can make available to the Customer, for the sole purpose of searching and accessing information, content and services available on the internet, hypertext links or other connecting devices (for example, links or buttons), which allow the Customer to access to websites or internet portals belonging or managed by third parties.
22.6 The Portal does not offer or market for itself or through third parties the information, content and services available on the linked Sites, supervises or controls in any way the contents and services and any material of any nature existing therein. Therefore, the Customer is exclusively responsible for browsing through them.
22.7 You can access, view and print a copy of all the information, images and other content published on the Portal, strictly following these Terms and Conditions. The Portal and the materials may be viewed, printed, used, mentioned and cited for personal and non-commercial use and provided that it is given to Aligys S.r.l. adequate recognition. Nothing in the aforementioned license will affect or limit the moral rights of the author. You'll not be able to remove copyrights or other proprietary notices and / or use the contents of the Portal in violation of any copyright, intellectual property right or exclusive property right of us or third parties. You'll not be able to use, or cause others to use, any automated system or software to extract content or data from this Portal (with the so-called "screen scraping", ie the systematic search and extraction of data), unless you or authorized third parties have entered into directly with us a written license agreement that explicitly allows this activity. You'll not be able to reproduce, modify, exhibit, perform, publish, distribute, disseminate, transmit, take possession of with framing techniques (or create other browsing or limited environments for this purpose) as well as communicate to the public or disclose to third parties or exploit the Materials of this Portal for any commercial purpose, without our prior written authorization granted with a license agreement.

23. LINKS FROM OUR PORTAL TO WEBSITES OR INTERNET PORTALS BELONGING TO OR MANAGED BY THIRD PARTIESIt is forbidden to create links on any page of our Portal to external sites, for any purpose.

24.1 1Our Portal may contain advertisements sent by third parties. The latter will be solely responsible for the content of the relevant announcements and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations in force.
24.2 Our Portal and / or Materials may contain links to external sites (including those of our Partners). You can decide at your own risk to visit an external portal. We are not responsible neither directly nor indirectly for the contents, the truthfulness or the opinions expressed therein nor for the quality of the goods or services offered in them. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the links do not imply any affiliation or association between us or our Portal and such other sites.
24.3 Our communications intended for you may contain information from external sites. Materials from external sites will be identified as such and a link to the Portal of origin may be provided. In any case, we decline any responsibility for elements contained in external sites or from them through links included in our communications intended for you as well as for any use that such third parties may make of personal data.
24.4 The inclusion of a link in our communications intended for you does not imply our approval of the destination Portal. You may decide at your own risk to use the links to visit external websites.
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25.1 The Portal is in no way responsible for the delay or non-performance of the service by the Professionals, given that the contract relating to the service is concluded directly between the Professional and the User. The User, therefore, has no right to a refund of any amount from the Portal, the refund will be managed directly by the Professional. The user retains the right to cancel his purchase or reservation directly from the Portal up to 24 hours from the confirmation of the appointment and if he has made the payment online, the full amount will be refunded, in case of cancellation in the last 24 hours from the date and time of the appointment, the amount reduced by 50% will be refunded. In case of service provided online, the cancellation or reimbursement must be agreed directly with the Professional.
25.2 The Portal invites the User to make his or her opinion known through the Portal, in the form of assessments, comments and reviews. Reviews are an important part of the Portal's quality control process. The responsibility of the reviews remains in any case for the Users who produced them, who declare to immediately release the Portal from any liability associated with them.
24.3 Our communications intended for you may contain information from external sites. Materials from external sites will be identified as such and a link to the Portal of origin may be provided. In any case, we decline any responsibility for elements contained in external sites or from them through links included in our communications intended for you as well as for any use that such third parties may make of personal data.
24.4 The inclusion of a link in our communications intended for you does not imply our approval of the destination Portal. You may decide at your own risk to use the links to visit external websites.
24.5 We remind you that, in the use of an outgoing link from our Portal to visit another Portal, our Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy and Cookies Policy) will no longer be applicable. Your browsing and your interactions with other websites, including those linked to ours, are subject to the different conditions and policies specific to those sites. Before visiting these sites, please inform yourself about their conditions and policies.  

26.1 Users and Professionals may freely cancel their Zoneed account at any time by sending a specific communication, by e-mail, to the address [email protected]. The actual cancellation will take place in the 96 hours following the aforementioned communication.
26.2 Even outside the cases mentioned above, the Portal reserves the right to withdraw from the relationship with the User or the Professional, after sending a communication to be sent to the email address communicated at the time of registration on the Portal, every time when acts contrary to company policies will be carried out or swindlers, defamations or false profiles and deceptive services will be released to Customers. As a result of the notice of withdrawal: a) the User will not be able to access the services of the Portal until new and different communication; b) The Portal reserves the right to remove any User password or account and to inhibit its new access to the Portal or the App.

Please refer to our Privacy and Cookies Policy for further clarifications on how your personal data may be processed and how we use cookies.

28.1 The Portal undertakes to do its best to ensure that access to the Portal is provided without interruption and that transmissions are made without errors. However, due to the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted access and the absence of errors in transmission cannot be guaranteed. In addition, access to the Portal and / or services may also be occasionally suspended or limited to allow the carrying out of repair, maintenance, or the introduction of new activities or services. The Portal will attempt to limit the frequency and duration of these suspensions and limitations.
28.2 The Portal will in no case be liable for any direct or indirect damage reported or suffered by the User that is not the consequence of violations by the Portal of these Conditions.
28.3 The Portal does not assert or guarantee that the Portal is free from errors and immune to viruses or other harmful elements, nor that defects will be corrected. In this regard, you'll need to take your own precautions. In any case, we will not be responsible for interruptions of the service caused by computer attacks launched simultaneously by multiple sources, or by viruses or other technologically harmful elements that could infect the equipment and computer programs, data or other materials owned by you following the use you'll make of our Portal.
28.4 We decline any responsibility for the non-maintenance of our Portal and / or for the delayed or non-delivery of Materials. In any case, according to these Terms and Conditions of use of the Portal we will not be responsible for indirect, special, accessory, emerging or other damages, even if we had been advised of the possibility of suffering them.
28.5 The Materials, whose accuracy and completeness we do not guarantee, may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors.
28.6 Finally, we decline any responsibility for losses caused by actions or omissions committed by you in relation to the Materials on the Portal.

29.1 The Portal has no special relationship or fiduciary obligation towards the User who agrees to use the service. Therefore, the Portal has no responsibility and no duty to take any action regarding: the identification of Users who access the service; the content that the User accesses through the service; the effects of these contents on the User; the interpretation and / or use of the contents by the User; the actions that the User can take as a consequence of exposure to these contents.
29.2 By accepting this document, the Portal is released from any liability. The service may contain - or direct to sites containing - information that may be offensive or inappropriate to some people. The Portal does not issue any declaration regarding the contents contained therein or which can be accessed through the service. The Portal must not be held responsible or punishable for the accuracy, respect for copyright, the legality or decency of the material contained or accessible through the service.
29.3 The Portal is exempt from any liability regarding the links and relations between Users and between Users and Professionals. The User expressly acknowledges that the Users will not be selected in any way, that they will not investigate their private life and that no checks will be carried out on their personal experience and related statements. No declaration or guarantee will be issued regarding the behavior of the Users or the truthfulness of the information they provide. Therefore, the User undertakes to take reasonable precautions and to pay maximum personal attention in all interactions with any individual with whom he may come into contact through the service. 29.4 In any case, the Portal is not liable for the execution - failed or inconsistent - of the Performance due to the User by the Professional, for the conformity and accuracy of the services rendered by the Professional, for the damages that the User believes to have immediately due to the execution or non-execution of the service by the Professional.29.5 The Portal is not liable for any damage caused to the Professional or to goods and / or to the User's person.29.6 The Portal uses external payment services provided by highly professional companies. Payments made through the Portal will be managed directly by these third parties. Any error in the execution of payments that is not due to causes attributable to the User at the time of booking will therefore be solely and exclusively attributable to these third parties and will not entail any liability and / or obligation to reimburse any part of the Portal.29.7 The exemption from liability referred to in the previous paragraph also applies in the event of errors and / or delays in making and / or confirming the reservation due to external suppliers of services through which the Portal is found by Professionals. For any report regarding the unlawfulness of behavior and / or content, the User can send a message to the email address [email protected], indicating the details of the problem.

The Portal is intended for Italian Users and Users of foreign countries.

31.1 The parties recognize Italian law as the only valid one for all the articles and clauses of these Conditions and Terms.
31.2 Any disputes arising from this Document will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of COSENZA, without prejudice to the Court of the Consumer, where applicable. The Portal uses ODR systems in the area of consumer protection.

32.1 The User and the Professional, pursuant to art. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, declare to expressly accept the following articles art. 2, 8, (Conditions of use and modifications, duration of the contract), art. 5 (Rules of Conduct), art.26 (Complaints and refunds), art. 27 (Withdrawal from the service for users and professionals from the use of the Portal), art. 29 (Limitation of liability relating to the functioning of the service), art. 30 (Disclaimer).
32. 2 The use of the service must be interpreted as explicit acceptance referred to in this paragraph.  

33.1 The Portal may send you its communications and notifications by traditional mail or e-mail or by publishing them on the Portal.
33.2 If one of these Terms and Conditions is considered invalid, illicit or for any reason inapplicable by a competent Authority, these defects will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other Terms and Conditions, as required by law.

For any doubts or questions about the Materials published on our Portal or regarding its Terms of Use, please write to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

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