About us

Zoneed is the digital platform where you can find specialized, verified and guaranteed professionals.

Are you looking for a professional for a service and you don't know who to contact?
The solution to your problem is Zoneed!

What is about?

It is a new digital platform that connects professionals from various sectors with potential clients, who may need their services.
Now we will explain in detail what Zoneed consists of and why you need to register now too!

What is Zoneed

What is Zoneed

Zoneed is the new digital platform in which professionals can make their skills available to meet the needs of customers who are looking for services. For example, do you need a legal advisor, a dog sitter, an English tutor?
You can find them on Zoneed along with many other services.
We have thought of an easy-to-use platform that allows you to identify the most suitable professional for your needs and rates with just a few clicks, in line with your budget. One of the main features of Zoneed is to be able to choose from numerous verified professionals, who declare their rates transparently, simply check the profile of each professional and the reviews, check the proposed rates, purchase the service and decide whether to pay on line or at the professional's office.
Only 3 simple steps: choose, pay, receive the service!
You don't need to wait for a any quotation.
Why was the portal born?

Why was the portal born?

Zoneed is not the umpteenth website that promises to find consultants, but it is a completely different digital platform from all the others on the web. Zoneed goes to fill a market segment that was missing before, namely to purchase of a service with a price in clear, defined with all the characteristics and skills you need.
Everything is immediate, fast and clear, and you can solve a big or small problem in just a few minutes.

How does Zoneed work?

Zoneed works in a very simple and intuitive way, both for customers who want to buy a service and for professionals who offer their services.
We provide you with some more details about the operating modes.

How it works for customers

How it works for customers

Customers can choose the desired service without waiting for quotations, in fact they have the possibility to purchase the service immediately, choose whether to get the service at their home, whether to go to the Professional's office or make a video call. Finally, choose whether to pay online or pay the Professional directly. In case of doubts or questions before booking or ordering a service can send a message or request to the Professional.
How it works for Professionals

How it works for Professionals

The Professional activates his account for free and, after entering an accurate description of his professional profile, he will be able to publish his first service with the possibility of activating various options. Specifically, can decide whether to provide it on-site or off-site, whether to accept orders directly automatically or only after a confirmation, finally whether to accept payments online or on-site. The number of services that can be published is unlimited, and also has the possibility of offering discounts on one or more services. It will have a own virtual wallet with a balance always under control, and can withdraw earnings at any time.
All without any cost or subscription and there are no credits to reply to customer requests and messages.

How professionals and customers can get benefits?

Professionals who decide to register on the platform have the opportunity to expand their customer base quickly and without any effort, and they will also be able to make themselves known by writing articles for the blog.

Finally, for Zoneed customers there are always discounts and promotions on the purchase of services, so you can save money without sacrificing quality and professionalism!

You just have to try Zoneed, the new portal designed for you who are looking for the best for your business, your family, your free time, in short, for you, who are as unique as Zoneed!