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On this page, constantly updated, are available answers to your most frequently asked questions . If you can not find the answer or for any doubt or clarification write us from the our Contact Support page.


To register you have to, after reading and accepting our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, click on Sign up and fill in all fields by entering your name, surname, your e-mail address, phone number, a password, and finally click Create account. We will only provide your contacts when placing orders or reservations.

Once the account has been created, an e-mail is sent to verify  your e-mail address entered during registration. Search in the mailbox of your e-mail address provided when filling in the form and click on Activate your account. If you can't find the e-mail sent by us, have a look through all the boxes, including spam. If you didn't receive it, please send us an inquire trough our Customer Support.

Account cancellation is possible only by sending an e-mail with the request through our Customer Support page.

It is not possible to change your e-mail address, you will have to send a request through our Customer Support page and we will do our best to help you.

Your profile

Edit or enter your name and surname, telephone number.

Select  languages known. 

Your Country. The professions category wich you belong and your profession. Up to five professions can be entered. If you don't find your profession, please let us know via our Customer Support page and we'll insert it.

Enter if you are enrolled with any institute and, if you have, enter the registration number. A photo.

In About me section, enter your professionals informations. Once you have inserted content you can decide whether to add it in other available languages by selecting them and inserting the new content.

Locations and contact details

To enter a location you have to modify or fill in name and telephone number.

Enter your weekly availability by entering the timetable on weekdays. In these times, chosen by you, customers can book or order. Later, you can choose whether to automatically confirm appointments or if you want to confirm them yourself.

If you'll activate the calendar you have to select the closing or vacation days planned during the years by clicking on the days themselves. The days selected on the calendar will prevail over the weekly days.

E.g. If you have entered all Wednesdays as working days, and on a Wednesday of the year you are not available you'll have to select it so as not to allow orders or reservations.

Finally, enter address which will be sent to the customer only in case of booking. Can be entered up to five offices or locations.

It is not possible to cancel a location, you can decide to don't activate on services, or modify it in all its fields and then continue activating it.

Invoices and purchase summary

You'll need to enter the invoice header, your type of VAT number or employer identification number and an address.
Enter if you have a Unique Code or a PEC.
From the Balance page for each transaction it is possible to download purchases receipt and invoices. Furthermore, an electronic invoice will be sent to you within the deadline.

Post services online

If you are publishing your first service you need to enter your profile, your contact details.

Finally you'll be redirected to the page to publish the service where you'll have to enter the name of the service, the category and the specific sector that best suits what you want to offer.
Enter a detailed description of the service. You can decide whether to add content in other available languages as well.

Next you'll need to select how you'll provide the service, whether online, or if you need to see the client in person.

Duration of the service or, if you provide it online, delivery time.

Locations where you'll provide service,  if service is online we'll show the location from where it is provided.

Number of services that can be booked at the same time

If for example you offer massages and you have more staff ready to serve, you can then provide more massages in the same hour and give the client the opportunity to book for him and other people at the same time. If you offer online services, client will order multiple services at the same time.

Number of services that can be booked consecutively; (option not available for services provided online)

By selecting at least 2 consecutive services, you'll allow the client to book more services consecutively, if your service duration is 1 hour, the client can book, for example from 9:00 to 11:00 or from 16:00 to 18:00. 

If you are willing to offer the off-site service, you'll need to indicate the kilometers you are willing to travel and, subsequently, if you prefer, you can enter an extra cost per kilometer that you'll have to travel, or a fixed cost, which the customer will pay directly on the booking day.

Customers will be able to pay online or on site, and you can decide whether or not to confirm the appointment.

Enter the price, the discount percentages per service or for higher orders.

You can also offer the service via video call.

Image or photo, if you cannot, a default image related to the service it will be displayed.

Finally publish your service, or post it later by saving as a draft.

It is not possible to cancel a service, if you no longer want to make it visible you can save it as a draft and decide whether to publish it later.

Then you can create others, you don't have a limit of services to publish.

Book and order services

From the Services Directory page, select a category, then a specific sector, or type a keyword. Using the filter you can view services with online or off-site availability, with higher or lower price or only free services. Each service can be with direct booking or through confirmation. Furthermore, if the service allows it, you can book multiple services at the same time or for longer time. Select a location and, if you want to have the home service, select the location with off-site availability by entering your address. Choose the date and time. If the service is with direct booking, confirm and pay online, using the payment method PayPal or credit card. If you chosen a free service or with payment on-site, you'll have to wait for the confirmation of the professional who will arrive within a maximum of 48 hours from the date of the order. If you do not receive any confirmation, the service will be automatically canceled and, if you paid online, you will be refunded the full amount paid.

From the Services Directory page, select a category, then a specific sector, or type a keyword. Using the filter you can view the services available online. If requested you'll have to attach the necessary files so that the professional can start working. Confirm and pay online, using the PayPal or credit card payment method. On the delivery date you'll receive a notification from the professional with the order attached. At that point you'll simply have to confirm and accept the order or, if you need, request changes.

Cancel purchases and reservations

The booking can be canceled from My Purchases page and, if you cancel up to 24 hours before the booking date, you'll receive a full refund. If you cancel within the last 24 hours, a penalty of 50% on the amount paid will be withheld. If the service was booked with payment on site, only the booking will be canceled. In all cases you'll receive an e-mail with the confirmation of cancellation.

For the service provided online, cancellation is only possible by sending a e-mail through our Customer Support, indicating the reason for cancellation.

You'll be able to see the refunded amounts from the Balance page at Directory of transactions and invoices and can be used to purchase services within the website or withdrawn by clicking on Withdraw Credit, entering the amount to be withdrawn and your PayPal account. Subsequently, by logging into your PayPal account, you will be able to see the amount transferred.

The cancellation of a service booked by a customer is possible up to a maximum of 24 hours before the date and time of the appointment. 

The cancellation of a service to be provided online is only possible starting from the delivery date and specifying the reason.

You can cancel from the Customer Orders page and, if the customer had paid online, we'll refund the full amount to the customer. The transactions can be viewed from the Balance page on the Directory of transactions and invoices. At each cancellation you'll receive the notification via e-mail confirming the cancellation.

For more information read the article Balance and fee for professionals on Balance and fees.

Customers Orders

From the Customer Orders page you can view all the orders and reservations made by your customers: service paid or to be paid, the order date, the booking or delivery date and the service status.

Balance and fees

From Balance page you can check balance of your services and the amount of your credit. The release of the credits will take place 4 (four) days after the execution of the service as well as from the issue of the invoice. You can withdraw credit from the Withdraw Credit item, by entering the amount to be withdrawn and your PayPal account. Subsequently, by logging into your PayPal account, you will be able to see the transferred amount. For each service sold with online payment, booked with payment on-site and confirmed by you, and for each service you cancel, a fee will be withheld for administration costs. For services to be confirmed, if canceled within 48 hours from the date of the order, no fee will be taken. It is also possible to add credit to the Add Credit item, the service always works via PayPal payment method.


To publish an article you need to publish at least one service. You can publish it from the menu, from Publish article, by entering the title, an image, and a minimum content of 300 words.

The published articles can be deleted from the My articles page by clicking on the trash icon corresponding to the item to be deleted.


You can review a professional only only after made a reservation or receiving a service provided on line. After every appointment or after a service provided, we send an e-mail to request a review of the professional.