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    Enrolled at Professional order, Lawyers, modena

    In my law firm I offer consultancy and legal assistance in the matters of Civil Law.
    In particular I provide, also being able to count on a team of qualified external consultants, protection in the field of debt collection and family law.
    Not to mention that the experience gained in the field has allowed me to guarantee a solid defense not only to private individuals but also to companies, especially in the recovery of corporate debts from insolvent debtors.

    In fact, even if family law is the area that I am most passionate about, the strong demand from clients and the willingness to deal with any problem, led me to extend my skills by also providing assistance  to companies.
    To this end, I have expanded my skills by becoming  Professional Partner of Sole 24 Ore as an expert in debt collection and enforcement.

    Member Since October 2022
    Country Italy
    Speaks Italian


    My name is Javier and I am a freelancer specialized in the development of modern and functional websites. I collaborate with agencies in Trentino and in other regions of Italy, from which I have gained great experience both in the creation of digital graphic layouts and in the development of web interfaces.

    Member Since April 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks English, Italian, Spanish

    My name is Silvia, I am a graphic designer who likes to go outside the box and who doesn't like barriers of any kind. Freelancer available to startups, communication agencies, businesses and private individuals.

    Passion is my engine, I love creating photo compositions, photo editing, but also illustrations, branding, coordinated image, brochure, leaflet and last but not least… pixel art.

    Challenges are my daily bread, I am a perfectionist at heart, curious and at the same time I am aware of the fact that you never stop learning. Every "impossible" request it fills me with adrenaline, I take it as a challenge against myself, which gives me the push to make the impossible possible.

    Creativity? I think it's a must for anyone who does this job. I live in the province of Milan but geographical barriers don't exist for me, I define myself as a woman of the world, important is relate in any way, also taking advantage of remote tools.

    I help bring your dreams to life through graphic creations, photo editing, illustration, creation of logos and graphic elements, taking care that everything is in harmony with your uniqueness.

    My works will make you notice and remember for their identity visual that characterizes you.

    Member Since May 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks English, Italian, Romanian

    I create professional websites, portals, e-commerce, blogs, minisites, APPs and landing pages.

    I build the website you have in mind. For your business, for your small commercial activity, for your business idea or simply for yourself.

    I have a small web agency in the province of Foggia, specialized in WordPress and Prestashop and in the creation of portals and news magazines.

    Before being a professional in creating websites with WordPress, I am passionate about the web. For this reason, the projects are designed and created by reconciling the needs of those who have to communicate an idea, an activity, a business with the needs of users who every day entrust the solution of a problem or the search for an answer to the web.

    We create professional websites, portals, e-commerce, blogs and any platform for online presence, taking care of the project with a consultancy approach, attention to usability and web design, always orienting ourselves towards the solution that can bring conversions and contacts.

    Member Since August 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks English, Italian

    Valerio D.

    Available for off-site service
    Available for video consultation
    Enrolled at Professional order, Lawyers, Roma
    , No. A32097

    Customers who meet the legal requirements can be assisted free of charge through the institute of free legal aid.

    We offer maximum seriousness and professionalism . Each client receives adequate technical and administrative support which includes the sharing of defense strategies (procedural and extra-procedural) and timely information on the activities carried out. Each activity is quantified in advance in terms of costs in compliance with all ethical and professional obligations.

    Member Since October 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks English, Spanish
    € 30.00/hour

    Welcome to my profile!

    I am passionate about communication and after high school I decided to follow this instinct and work in contact with the public, where I developed the sensitivity in understanding their needs and satisfying them. During my professional career I decided to specialize in the science of communication integrated with digital marketing, because I think that effective communication cannot be separated from the use of digital channels to develop a constant and strong relationship with customers.

    My goal is to support companies in defining marketing strategies aimed at acquiring and developing the customer base, optimizing the customer experience.

    Write me or ask me something. It will be a pleasure for me to get in touch with you.

    Member Since August 2022
    Country Italy
    Speaks Italian

    Federico A.

    Available for off-site service
    Available for video consultation

    Hello everyone, I'm Federico and I'm a certified Personal Trainerandcertified Mental coach.

    I I am certified as a personal trainer at the Italian Fitness Academy with top marks, specifically I am a level II personal trainer and recognized by Coni.

    I have always been an athlete, a former competitor and I have been working as a live personal trainer in Bari for the past 4 years and I also follow clients online throughout Italy specialized above all in weight loss and body recompositioncollaborating with the nutritionist biologist Sara.

    Moreover; I am also a Mental coach certified by Master Coach Italia, I have been working in the coaching sector for several years. of 7 years mainly as a Life coach with private consultancy, I deal with difficulties, objectives and needs of my clients such as:

    • improving self-esteem and motivation
    • manage anxiety
    • develop effective communication
    • improve the relationship with others 'other sex or one's partner
    • develop a persuasive and seductive attitude
    • set a concrete objective and how to achieve it step by step.
    Member Since November 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks Italian
    € 50.00/hour

    Enrolled at Professional association, Lawyers, Nola
    , No. Nola

    My multidisciplinary consultancy firm is for individuals and companies, we operate in the ordinary judiciary of his dispute in the settlement of the out-of-court dispute. &` formed by a network of young professionals capable of aggregating many specialist skills in all sectors of civil, criminal, administrative, financial and tax law, management of subsidized finance, banking consultancy, assistance in tax and commercial matters as well as in employment consultancy with  sector experts.

    The firm also deals with transactions and contracts and offers high quality solutions and consultancy with competitive fees. Family law is also one of the main flagships of the firm, the Lawyer is mediator and curator of the minor, he is part of a special list of professionals known in the prosecutor's office for Women victims of violence, he has been active in the sector for years with diligence. The study also provides for companies and public administrations continuous assistance contracts in of out-sourcing.

    Member Since October 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks Italian

    I am a freelancer with a VAT number and I deal with the following services:

    - Website creation (Wordpress, Html & Css)

    - E-commerce creation (Prestashop, Shopify, Woocommerce module)

    - Small graphic projects for the web

    - Advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads

    - Data Entry

    - Content management on websites and social networks

    - Text creation (copywriting).

    Member Since August 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks Italian

    We are experts in web development, creation of showcase sites, e-commerce, CRM and web design. But it doesn't end there! We also offer Social Media Management services, tender research and business consultancy.

    Imagine a website that grabs visitors' attention and drives them to action. With our team of talented web developers and creative designers, we will create a bespoke site that best represents your business and helps you achieve your business goals.

    Do you want to increase your online sales?

    We have the experience and skills needed to develop a powerful and intuitive e-commerce that allows you to reach new customers and increase conversions.

    But we don't stop at just web development. Social media management is critical to business success in the digital age. With our consultancy and our Social Media Management, we will create an engaging and strategic online presence to promote your business on the main social channels.

    If you are looking for funding opportunities or tenders for your sector, we can also take care of the tender search for you. We offer you personalized business advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve your growth goals.

    A complete range of services to ensure your successful online presence and the achievement of your business goals. We are ready to put our experience and passion at your service to help you achieve extraordinary results.

    For an amazing collaboration, the first step is an incredible initial consultation completely free! We want to know every detail of your vision and turn it into reality. Our experts will be by your side to listen to you carefully and fully understand your needs. Once the consultation is complete, the real fun begins with our exciting Company Briefing. Together with our Project Manager, we will tackle every technical aspect to ensure your request comes to life flawlessly. We will discuss the most innovative solutions and the most effective strategies to achieve your goals.

    Member Since June 2023
    Country Italy
    Speaks English, Italian