Hi, I'm Serena, a marketing professional with a passion for advertising graphics. With an academic background in advertising graphics and 8 years of experience in the industry, I honed my skills to become an expert in creating captivating visual content and effective marketing strategies.

The studio and the activity in the field has allowed me to develop a deep know-how in several key areas:

Graphics for Social Media: I create captivating visual content that captures attention and stimulate interaction. My creations are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are also strategic and targeted to optimize audience engagement

Copywriting: I am able to write persuasive texts that not only tell a story, but also guide potential customers through a well-defined path towards the desired action.

Management of Social Pages: With a meticulous and creative approach, I manage social profiles with the I aim to build and maintain a solid and consistent online presence for my clients.

SEO Optimized Article Writing: I am skilled in the art of writing search engine optimized content . Not only are my articles informative and well written, but they are also designed to improve online visibility and attract a constant stream of qualified visitors.

My mission is clear: to help companies get noticed in a increasingly crowded digital world, transforming ideas into winning and visually appealing strategies.

I'm here to take your online presence to the next level. Contact me and let's start building something extraordinary together!

Member Since - August 2023

Country - Italy

Speaks - Italian

Complete Facebook page management with posts

Delivery in 7 days   3 revisions included
Provided online Pay online
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Facebook page management for 30 days including writing posts and increasing fans and interactions.

Writing 22 posts (except Saturday and Sunday) to promote company products or retain new customers, of the "promotional post" or "update with marketing or re-marketing system" type designed by our marketing experts, Post including photography or links.

Your page will be more followed and more commented and you will easily reach your customers. Your sales will increase as the interaction grows.

Analysis and reporting of the work done every month visible directly online on Facebook through the insign center

Telephone assistance service

€119.00 -15% with more orders
Made in:
Viterbo, Lazio, Italy

Copywriting Post Writing for Social Page

Delivery in 3 days   2 revisions included
Provided online Pay online
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Post writing service for Facebook pages or groups complete with emojis, reference links and images to be agreed.

The service includes a month of insertion for 3 posts a week.

Files will be sent by email once a week for inclusion in your account.

€31.35 -5% with more orders
Made in:
Viterbo, Lazio, Italy

Writing Article for Blog or Site in SEO Optic

Delivery in 2 days   2 revisions included
Provided online Pay online
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Article writing from an SEO perspective with two thousand word for your blog or site, the article includes the keywords regarding the topic covered in order to be indexed on search engines.

Send details regarding the topic to be covered, once completed it will be sent in Word format.

Made in:
Viterbo, Lazio, Italy