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Study Advanced Digital Marketing Consulting

€75.00 if pay on-site

€60.00 - 20% if pay online

Available in:
Foggia, Puglia, Italy
Available on-site and off-site within a range of 100km

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As soon as we have idealized a project, we all want to develop it and implement it, but this action is completely wrong, as it will only send the entire project to the trash. As soon as the light bulb is turned on, it is a good idea to exploit the idea in the best possible way and with extreme intelligence. Thanks to the counseling you will be able to calm the boils and to act conscientiously and maturely. Only then will success be assured.

The consultancy is carried out through an interview with an Account Manager specialized in the world of digital marketing. It can also be performed remotely in a comfortable and easy way. During the consultancy, a questionnaire is specifically submitted, useful for elaborating a complete and decidedly detailed report in detail. If you are part of that branch of thinking and cautious people, then you will be able to put your project into practice without making a single mistake. All you need is a complete and valid guide that will help you face this new adventure in the best possible way.


Because we strongly believe that consultancy should be consultancy and not just a piece of the sales funnel of some agencies. Our Account Managers will carry out the analysis of your situation or business idea in all digital and advertising aspects whether you entrust the project to us or not. We therefore provide a detailed analysis explained in a simple way via video call also to those who are trying their hand in this field.

  • With our advice you will have:
  • Digital Pre-Analysis
  • Video Dedicated Consulting
  • SEO rating
  • Social rating
  • ADV evaluation
  • Market valuation
  • Comparison 3 Competitors
  • Projections and Recommended Tools
  • Final Report
  • Dedicated discounts and promos

Our experts will carry out an analysis of your WEB situation for you in a clear and simple way, whether you are a novice or a web expert, let our analysts show you the errors and possibilities of your digital marketing strategy.

To whom we recommend our consultancy:

  • Digital marketing newbies
  • Anyone who wants to create or manage an online business
  • Freelancer
  • Startuppers
  • Entrepreneurs interested in the online market
  • Digital Entrepreneurs (E-commerce)