The Web Marketing Consultant is a professional figure who has the task of improving the image of a company as well as its communication and its client portfolio, thus increasing the turnover and the sale of products and services sold by it.

It is necessary to unveil a targeted preparation in communication techniques and must know the channels useful for the elaboration and dissemination of messages to be promoted and communicated. It is a fundamental professional figure within the field of marketing and commerce and its main task is to give useful and appropriate advice to companies, companies and individuals that follows to make sure that the product that is sponsored is distributed in the widest possible way. In addition, the professional must have the ability to provide in the shortest time possible strategies to improve the brand, having great interpersonal skills both inside and outside the company, carrying out their tasks with great organizational skills in order to be able to bring more active projects to terms. A web marketing consultant must know how to identify the objectives of a company, analyze the situation of the company along with the factors that can hinder the achievement of the objectives. The consultant must also know how to choose a strategy to follow to follow these objectives and to decline the strategy in a series of operational actions. Usually, the work of web marketing takes place in different stages: generally, the first thing for the web marketing consultant is to meet the client, understand the needs and create a brief, which is a document that collects all the customer's requests and is depicted as base to achieve a good project. Subsequently, the brief will then be translated into a project to be developed and with which it will be able to carry out analytical documentation on the activities carried out. The brief is an essential element in order to provide tailor-made solutions for the client, also setting a fair online promotion strategy. Once the briefing phase is over, it is possible to move on to a more operational phase suitable to develop what is foreseen in the document. In this phase it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the structure of the website which consists not only in structuring it but also in making sure that it always responds to the user's needs and is easy to navigate. It will also have to pay attention to the software part and the information technology so that they are always performing. Last but not least is the reporting phase in which an analytical documentation is produced on the activities carried out and it is a practice that can be particularly useful. The web marketing consultant can work either as an employee with a company or a private individual or as a freelancer to perform their consultations.

The marketing consultant is one of the most fascinating professions but at the same time requires preparation at a fairly high level. To become a marketing consultant, in fact, it is necessary that the candidate undertakes a university career, enrolling in a degree course in Economics or Sociology or enroll in specialized courses in their city in order to learn the concepts necessary to perform this type of profession. After obtaining the cultural background necessary to face this profession, it is advisable that the candidate addresses internships in such a way as to prove on the field the acquired knowledge and, at the same time, is able to create a database of the names of companies and tips certainly not to forget that could allow you to be hired in the future and, moreover, will be included as an experience within your curriculum. As for the skills to be possessed, it is necessary that the web marketing consultant has a targeted preparation in communication techniques, which knows how to know well the tools and channels useful for processing and dissemination of messages that you want to promote. In addition, a marketing consultant should also possess bases as well as experiences of traditional and web marketing in the most technical sense of the term and therefore it is not a profession that must be exclusively and exclusively relegated to the web, even if in most of the information sites the profession of web marketing consultant is associated with the SEO expert or expert in Social Media Marketing.

Another necessary skill for an aspiring web marketing consultant is the ability to carry out a communication campaign through the press and to be able to use the computer language in depth, thus being able to set up a website from scratch or review or completely modify an existing one. As for the requirements, it is advisable that the candidate who wants to pursue this career know how to use IT tools and fluently know foreign languages, especially the written and spoken English language in order to prepare exams or undertake internships in different contexts. from the national ones. In addition, the candidate must present himself as a person attentive to communication, able to relate with a team of people with whom he can interact for the creation of the brief and very good at managing any unexpected events.