Choose to become Sales Agent involves owning a number of requirements, both legal and professional. For this profession you need to be equipped with strong communication and interpersonal skills; determination, motivation, ability to convince, autonomous, problem solving, friendliness and above all patience are the soft skills that often are critical to pursue a career as agent. To operate as a commercial agent are then required certain legal requirements: must have come of age and enjoy all civil rights. You also can not perform the activity if you are addicted to associations or organizations, both private and public, or if it carries out mediation activities.
Attend training courses and be aware in communication skills and more effective sales is very important, but so is having the right personality. It 'good to remember that in this field the formation occurs in a conspicuous in the field, experience counts a lot, it is therefore absolutely necessary also a good stress resistance.
Article 1742 of the Civil Code defines the legal profession of ' "commercial agent" as "the person or company that is firmly in charge, by one or more undertakings, to promote the conclusion of contracts in one or more specific areas" . Therefore we are dealing with a figure who specifically deals with establishing business relations between the companies. If provided with "representation", the agent operating on its reference area, also has the ability to "conclude" contracts, then the fiduciary nature of the relationship established between the company and the agent increases and this case is called "trade representative".
As for the job requirements, you must have a diploma of secondary school degree in business address, alternatively a degree in economic or legal matters. E 'can also work as a salesman attending special courses, recognized by the Region. Finally also it has the work experience that you have gained over the past five years, specifically to function for at least two years in the field in question.
Since May 2012 have fundamentally changed the rules for access to this activity. it is essential not to subscribe to the appropriate role. The new procedure is foreseen in the "WAKE", certified reporting logon via computer company registration.
To become a sales person must then apply for VAT by submitting to the Chamber of Commerce of the municipality of jurisdiction the AA9 if the activity is in the form of sole proprietorship or AA7 model if the activity is conducted in corporate form. The application must be made using the "Notify" service, a procedure that allows you to perform with a single shipment to the Registrar of Companies all administrative duties.
Then comes the choice between ordinary accounting regime or simplified regime. The agent then has to provide itself with social security coverage by subscribing to the management of social security contributions IVS (Invalidity, Old Age, Survivors) and the compulsory contribution supplementary ENSARCO (National Board of Assistance for agents and representatives of trade).
The variables that revolve around this profession are many: the sector in which it is exercised, the amount of commissions, the deduction from tax, if it enjoys expense reimbursements or less (often mandatarie companies provide a fixed), if you work in regime monomandatario or plurimandatario (ie if you have sent by multiple companies).