The Realtor is a broker that deals with the sale of real estate, buying and selling in the exchange or rental of housing, new or used for commercial premises and land, but also the sale or lease of companies.
The real estate agent is an entrepreneurial work, for those who want to achieve economic goals in addition to important personal satisfaction in life, of course, we must take into account that to achieve these levels serve no small commitment and sacrifices. The real estate agent does not sell homes, but property consultancy. The agency, in fact, has no properties owned reselling, but provides and helps its customers to meet the needs in the real estate field, impartially between the parties. To succeed in this task, as well as becoming a good agent, you must also be a good seller. This professional must serve the interests and protect the parts, make sure that the sale going to become a good deal for everyone, aiming to satisfy the parties especially in legal terms. As a seller, you must be proficient in communicating, in convincing arguments, I have a positive attitude. The actions that the agent puts into practice on the field in order to be able to sell real estate, actions are derived from years of experience, continuous training and passion for work.
To become a real estate agent, you need to enroll in a training course for the Business brokers, the course provides for the minimum duration of 100 hours, the end of which is issued with the certificate, recognized by the Region. After receiving the certificate of participation, you must register to take the exam at the Chamber of Commerce of the province of residence and make a written test and an oral. At this point, the real estate agent can decide to practice in a real estate agency already started, or start directly by opening its agency, independent or franchised. The realtor's earnings are directly proportional to the commitment and the passion invested in this work. If you work at a real estate agency as an agent, usually you receive a commission plus a fixed monthly, which can vary according to the size of the office and the city where you are located. The monthly is not a constant, sometimes is recognized only in the initial period. If you decide to open your own real estate agency, it must take account of the operating costs, but when it concludes a contract of sale the proceeds that you feel comes straight to the owner of the agency itself.