The Physiotherapist is a health practitioner who performs both independently and in collaboration with other health professionals, the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the areas of motor skills, helping people with difficulties in motor function, psychomotor and neurological. In particular, the physical therapist works with the physician and other professionals to define a rehabilitation project. In reference to the clinical diagnosis of the doctor is the same physical therapist that evaluates motor skills, sensory and cognitive physical, functional, the patient's social and emotional; formula physiotherapy diagnosis and prognosis; It defines and plans the surgery physiotherapy, with reference to the specific objectives; practice independently therapeutic activities for the rehabilitation of motor disability, psychomotor and cognitive; Finally it proposes, should they be necessary, the adoption of prostheses and aids, it trains the patient to use and verify the therapeutic efficacy.
To become a physiotherapist and then be admitted to the practice you need to attend and bring to a conclusion the course organized in Physiotherapy Degree at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Class L / SNT2, spread over three years. Access to the course in physiotherapy degree is programmed number and requires a placement test with only carry on the national territory with regard to public universities. After the three-year bachelor's degree, which is valid as a state examination and then enables physiotherapist profession, you can further specialize through a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences of the Health Professions class, with top-level Master or special courses refinement.
  Specializations are varied: psychomotor, occupational therapy, to patients with heart disease service, miolesi or in a coma. Or sports physiotherapy: each sport, in fact, require a dedicated professional. There is no professional association of category that unites all professionals, but there are two independent associations, non-profit, which seek to protect the physical therapist job: it is the Italian Federation and the Association Physiotherapists Physiotherapists Italian. The latter also offers a regional affiliate service for the protection of the rights and supervision on ethical issues. The job prospects of the physiotherapist are manifold, decide whether to work as an employee or to exercise the profession in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation as part of the Regional Health System (S.S.R.), in private accredited and affiliated with the S.S.R .; in nursing homes, in day centers, in protected structures, at home, in spas, in doctors' surgeries and / or polyclinics, in individual or associated professional firms, in associations and sports clubs, with service cooperatives, not at organizations governmental (NGO), at public or private preventive services, at research institutions.