The Family Doctor also said doctor or physician agreement for General Practice is the professional figure to which the National Health Service assigns tasks to individual and family preventive medicine. Chosen by each individual citizen by the local health authorities, it deals with the clinic and home visits; prescribe medications, tests and specialist visits; vaccinate and admission requirements; releases of various types certifications (of illness, for admission to primary schools, for the conduct of non-competitive sports activities, for insurance purposes); It clarifies and promotes the importance of prevention. The GP may not intervene in particular cases, but addressed to colleagues specialized in that particular branch of medicine. The first step to become a doctor is to enroll for the Bachelor in Medicine, a course in number programmed accessed after passing the entrance test questions on general knowledge. This course has a duration of six years and during this time there is also a practical training given at medical practices, hospitals or polyclinics. At this point the neo-doctor may choose to attend a three-year course to obtain the specific training diploma in general medicine activated by the Regions, which is accessed through a competition organized by the Ministry of Health. The second choice is to complete the training by going to the Postgraduate School of Health Area, which is usually a preparatory step to flow back in the exercise of the medical profession in a specific field. The third choice that arises is to become a researcher, then pursue a career to aspire to the role of a university professor or the time to research, whether basic (in scientific institutions) or applied (CNR, ISS, ISPESL, IRCCS, industries pharmaceutical, biotech). Finished the training process, you need to apply for inclusion in the regional lists of ASL to access in the rankings: the latter are also based on specializations obtained and on years employed at other facilities. After which the neo-doctor will face the state exam that allows you to achieve the qualification to the activity and inclusion on the doctors. Including employment opportunities, normally offered to the Medical-Surgeon there is the possibility of exercising as a freelancer or as a consultant. May decide to exercise as a medical agreement with the National Health System (NHS) or as a primary care physician (general medicine, family pediatrician), as a doctor, as a specialist of local services, such as cooperative medical services agreement with the ' ASL. As a physician dependent on the choice concerns including: addictions of NHS (Ministry of Health, Regional Health Department, ASL employee with managerial functions, health hospital medical company with managerial functions). The neomedico will instead go employed by other national public institutions and become a military doctor, doctor of Civil Protection, part of the emergency services, physician at INPS or INAIL. Still work in the employ of private accredited institutions (shelters and care, rehabilitation facilities for long-term care, hospice care, outpatient specialist facilities) or private for-profit institutions. The choice to exercise as a medical NGO and other non-profit institutions can be realized in many ways made by local initiatives subsidiarity or by international organizations (such as Doctors Without Borders, Emergency, Amnesty International). Finally, the doctor may perform as a professional consultant to insurance, courts, law firms and associations of protection.