The engineer indicates a professional figure in very general fact, that you can specialize in different fields of engineering:
construction Engineering,
civil engineering,
computer engineering,
electronic Engineering,
telecommunications engineering,
engineering management
aerospace engineering,
biomedical engineering,
mechanical engineering,
materials engineering.
The first step to becoming an engineer is to achieve the degree title, the only one which allows access to the state engineer as determined by Presidential Decree 328/2001 art. 46. ??The achievement of the three-year degree allows, for now, the achievement of "Doctor of Engineering title".
To date among all the most popular specializations are those of computer engineering and electronic engineering.
The computer engineer is involved in the design of information technology applications, we care development, testing, installation and administration. His field of work can be determined in three main areas:
- Design and development of software applications in which we deal with system analysis, procedures, information systems; designing WEB infrastructure, develop software and multimedia systems.
- Hardware design of computational infrastructure which will administer systems and networks, designing architectures and networks, interfaces and communications protocols, embedded systems, we deal with programmable electronic systems with high level of integration.
- Administration of systems and networks in which you engage to administer systems and networks, it safeguards the security of the networks; we dedicate ourselves to the Web.
The software engineer will work with manufacturers or industrial users of computer systems, businesses and service centers operating in the information systems sector, companies providing services for computer systems and networks; suppliers of Internet computing and Web infrastructure; a software engineering company; companies operating in the sector industrial automation and robotics; Process industries in the mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, power, chemicals; industrial laboratories of research and development. But also at the technical structures of public administration that use IT infrastructure for the management of targeted services for users, training institutions and research centers.
Another important figure is the electrical engineer who holds technical roles, technical sales, technical and organizational and managerial contexts in seeking the knowledge of methodological and operational aspects with particular reference to those specific scope of Electronics and ICT. In particular deals with the design, development, engineering, production, performance evaluation, operation and maintenance of products.
Currently the electrical engineer lends his work in the field of telecommunications, particularly in the areas of mobile telephony and broadband transmission of broadband data as in the case of optical fibers. The electrical engineer finds employment in manufacturing enterprises, technical and commercial structures and design; with service companies or public administrations; in agencies and national and international agencies.