The counselor is a professional who guides people accompanying them through a path of growth in which the basic components are listening and dialogue. There are moments in the lives of particularly sensitive individuals, such as adolescence or special circumstances lived with difficulties such as job loss, separation, work, or school problems. In these cases it becomes important to compare and help from the counselor that can help improve and enhance the individual's resources and to point the way toward a path of personal growth. It assists clients in reaching their goals and discuss with him about the times and the ways and means trying to exploit and enhance its resources to enable them to improve the quality of his life. Specifically, the counselor develops the counseling activities, that creates the conditions that go to strengthen the decision-making autonomy of the subject. Depending on the operating context, the duties of Counselor can be team building, to improve the motivation of individuals within organizations, or consulting, to improve communication processes and relationships in business, in schools and communities. To date in Italy this profession is not regulated, this means that are not shown, by the State, the minimum requirements necessary to exercise it.

There are no special requirements; and even a mandatory training program, or enrollment in a professional register. Despite the absence of regulation, there are specific training courses that ensure a good education is a toric practical levels to practice as a professional counselor in the best way. The course is also suitable for those who want to improve their interpersonal skills, in particular for those who perform the roles of social work in various capacities and for those who want to start new careers. However, there are several registers that, on the line of the European countries where the profession is recognized, provide for the training of their members, the training of the schools and the permanent update to become counselor. Examples are the S.I.Co, the Italian Society of Counseling, the CNCP, the SICOOL, the Italian School Counselor and Holistic Operator and others. The counselor is not allowed prescription drugs or therapies.