The Web writer or web content produces content, both textual and multimedia of which is directly responsible, in ways that are effective for the Web. Care contents also based platform that will accommodate, depending on whether a Web site, a social network, blog, or interface and the target audience. In addition, we will monitor the site's usability with customer satisfaction tools.
To start the profession of web editor is crucial first have the passion for writing, in fact, today there is a definite degree or a training program that gives a certificate to perform this job. If you want to take this profession you have to take into account that you need to have some specific skills such as:
know how to write in fluent Italian and above all grammatically correct point of view,
know and have a good command of English,
be very fast and intuitive to seek all information pertaining to the item that you chose,
to compose articles in a rather limited time,
having a spasmodic interest in the web and all its forms of communication,
 know how to use word processing programs and learn about the types of browsers, social networks, email,
know the regulations in terms of privacy, copyright
knowing how to use editing and page layout programs
have good command of the marketing and communication elements
A good web writer will also have specific knowledge of SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimizations), ie must be able to insert in the texts created the right keywords to make his lyrics, and consequently the client's content, are found by Engines of research. Increasingly, web writer works in synergy with other professionals who deal with the web as the web master, in charge of the website architecture and web programmer who develops the code that is the basis of the multimedia product.
A good springboard has become known through the most popular social network, like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, SkillBooking and of course DoveCercare, specific blogs, personal blogs, websites and online magazines. In this way you can take your first steps, comparing with other users and receive a number of feedback both positive and negative, in the form of comments or shares.
The closest professional opportunities for a web writer collaborations have as an employee or free-lance took Companies, Integrated Communication Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Web Agency, Advertising Dealers, Multimedia Centres, Research Institutes. The web writer does not have a real "location" work, a clear advantage is the ability to perform this job anywhere, you just need a computer and an Internet connection.