The theatrical agent is one of the professionals who best toghether with a passion for the media and the cinema, great interpersonal skills and employment quite profitable. The film agent, in fact, unlike the talent scout or simple worker casting is the professional in charge to represent the talent, a person of great talent and therefore suitable to entertainment to the general public. Usually, the film agent chooses, for personal taste or according to the market demands, particularly talented people and take "under his wing", trying to promote their talent through the creation of a partnership, which, in some cases, may also continue for the whole of the talent working career through participation in various events that can allow great visibility as investments in programs, events in the premises, investments in plays and in films and / or audiovisual works etc. Unlike the talent scout, then, the theatrical agent deals mainly look for new faces to be offered to agencies and casting offices and, in most cases, its recruitment activity takes place in theaters and drama schools.

The theatrical agent profession is a role coveted by all who feed large passion for acting, film and theater and who like to be in touch with the actors and aspiring, so-called "talents". The film agent can handle their job both independently, then working on his own with his own agency or lean to another agency which will act as a co-worker or employee for the same. The film agent will have to be very good at managing human contacts and represent the actors with whom he embarked on a cooperation agreement from both the legal point of view as well as from the physical point of view at the production companies and casting companies. Subsequently, the professional will be able to inform their customers of any organized or individual casting auditions and try to mediate the relationship between actors and production houses as well as oversee the signing of contracts.

There is no established training program to become a theatrical agent, although it is preferable to obtain a degree in legal matters such as law or in communication, as they may be an excellent starting point for basic knowledge. Similarly, no particular study totally limits the ability to travel the film agent path: the important thing is to approach to sector studies as soon as possible, thus being able to be formed into the recitative and gain a lot of practical experience: attend, in fact, in the first person a theater school is a great way to start creating contacts in this world. As regards, however, the requirements that the film should have agent there is not much to report except to have a good preparation on the drama, the film and the video-musical works that have been realized up to the present day as well as owning an encyclopedic knowledge of names and faces of the theater and cinema, and consume a daily unlimited amount of movies, and attend diligently theaters in order to be able to categorize the actors of their own national scene and remember their skills. After gaining a little 'experience and the first theoretical knowledge necessary, the agent will then try to jump headlong in search of an agency, institution or a small enterprise sector in which it will be possible to gain experience in the field and be able to understand the tricks of the trade, perhaps followed by a successful mentor, where you can gain experience and be able to begin practicing the craft, carrying out so-called "apprenticeship". Usually, the press offices and casting companies often make use of interns and trainees, and these proposals are certainly a valid path to learn the trade through hands-on activities that are required as the use of PCs and Office, consultation large database to manage names and curriculum use of video-editing programs, such as Photoshop editing and graphics. Definitely important are also the character requirements that candidates must possess as great interpersonal skills and risk appetite: the film agent human aspect, in fact, is also very important because it will be precisely through his manner and his communication to allow him to acquire his talent agency worthy of its name. Qualities important, then, that must possess they are empathy and patience and you need to pay careful attention to research roles and is also protected with regard to legal representation and advice of image, aspects of the profession relatively minor, purely bureaucratic , but which are essential to protect their own customers who do not always having experience, do not reveal manageable figures because of the high visibility and you will find exposed out of the blue to the film world in which you will find, suddenly, to live.