The Surveyor is an absolutely versatile technician can operate on real estate and land. The profession of "surveyor" requires specific expertise that only a targeted preparation can provide: professional competence which belongs exclusively to the legislature and it is not permissible replacement surgery or adaptation by other public entities. The materials under study and preparation are the quantity surveying, topography, construction, topography and land registry, all the professional disciplines used in the preparation of the figure.
But what are the skills of Surveyors? Under current legislation, Article 16 of R.D. n.274 / 1929, competes to the surveyor:
-Design, Construction management, calculation and testing of rural buildings and buildings used for agricultural industries of limited importance
-designing, Direction of the works, calculation and testing of modest civil construction including the design of sanitary installations, the building of internal sewer, electrical, heating (with potential less than 30,000 Kcalh) and all other internal installations and to the service the planned construction
-Design And management of street works for rural roads and interpoderale, of subdivision roads (which are part of the development project drawn up by graduate engineer), site roads
-Operations topographic, photogrammetric and cartographic
cadastral -Operations
After their studies at any technical institute for surveyors on the national territory, once graduated, to practice the profession must register with a Board of Surveyors of the province of residence and engage in the practice required in order of their own training path . To date there is no specific degree course to become surveyors and this condition causes to enter the title of graduate surveyor must obtain a degree in engineering, architecture with a course of study that contains the specific materials listed above and ask to environmental, urban planning and territory usually through surveying and photogrammetric and cadastre of land and buildings. Conditions for acceptance, the surveyor must pass the examination of professional competence, upon completion of the eighteenth month from the inclusion in the provincial register of the locations where practitioners place professional practice. The professional role of the surveyor is in high demand on construction sites, for design studies at the Technical Offices of the Public Administration and can also play the free profession. The figure of the surveyor is very important in real estate and, in this opportunity offered by the Portal, professionals can present their services but also transmit work skills in the area.