The Staff Administrator is definitely one of the most important companies in the world: in fact, it is not just a job but a real role to be played with a high level of preparation and great experience. The administrator of the staff, in fact, is separated from the functions which generally has a simple office clerk, but it represents a true intermediary between the highest levels of the company and the employees, being able to manage the employment relationship in all its phases, ie from recruitment to dismissal of each employee.

An important role as the personnel administrator has many tasks to perform. Indeed, there are many events that require basic requirements that a good steward of the personnel must know, manage and advise the company he works with such behavior in the event of maternity management, earnings, layoffs and resignations. Among the tasks of the administration, also rank of the selection and hiring phases management as well as all the structural work that is the basis of a fair and equitable contract as the training and validation of employment contracts, the administration of leave and forwarding of injury or illness practices. The administrator also must also deal with the supervision of the work of individual employees and the management of records and archives relating to the employment legislation. Necessary, then, to carry out this work are the human and personal qualities: You will need, in fact, that the applicant has a good dialectics and a great predisposition to teamwork skills and knows how to enjoy that are constantly updated with regard to contracts and labor law: all the experience gained by the Administrator of the staff will certainly be of great help during his work in the company, allowing them also to enter the profession. The complex activity Administrator of staff is also to manage the administrative burden in relation to labor relations: the calculation of remuneration, contributions and taxes are, in fact, the processing result of the monthly pay envelopes that should be conducted by 'personnel Director and the employment counselor, being able to manage so the legislation which exists precisely for these arguments in order to guarantee for both parties (the employer and the workers) the rights and obligations that this entails. Also, do not forget the savings definitely variable: the job done with common sense, commitment and completed the last detail avoids making mistakes and avoid disputes not only with employees but also with unions and supervisors placing a right approach the difficult practical application of employment law. 

Staff Administrator is a very important and of great importance role within a company, as to be one of the most coveted roles for many looking for a job and as such, are born annually training courses just to train new personnel directors and the master's degree courses to hone their skills in undergraduate and graduate seminars for young graduates in economics and in law but also progressing to sharpen their key-instruments. Usually, the preparation Administrator's staff is characterized by a culture not only technical but mainly based on experience gained in the workplace. The required degree is normally the one in accounting and a postgraduate course in payroll is surely preferable to facilitate the insertion into the working world, possibly through internships at the agency. It is also imperative that the administration continues to follow a technical training, by updating with master's and specialist courses. The attendant administration, is distinguished from other roles because the administration must prove expert specializing in the field of labor relations and thus will have to rely on good knowledge of the main instruments, the administrative processes related to record keeping, on working papers and the arrangements for the termination of the employment relationship as well as on skills in administration, tax and accounting. As for the notional knowledge, personnel administrator must possess a good knowledge of the basics of labor law as well as a good knowledge of safety regulations in the workplace. Do not forget the relationship with technology: with the spread, in fact, of business applications in the context of business management, it is essential that a good steward of the staff is able to use the computer, its functions package as well as its input and output components. It will be necessary, then, if the administrator will have to operate in a large organization, you know at least one foreign language, who can work in teams and to be able to listen and express in a clear and concise concepts, exposing them through good of language and performing the tasks assigned to him in a precise and reliable.