The Royal Decree of 31 May 1928, n. 1334 regulates the professional profile of Optical: auxiliary profession of health professions that prepares, manufactures, repairs and sells ophthalmic glasses and lenses prescribed by a doctor unless it is protective lenses or prescription spectacles of simple defects of myopia and presbyopia such exclusion hyperopia, astigmatism and dell'afachia. For the exercise of the profession it is necessary to the achievement of a diploma enabling the profession of optician, basic tool to start a self-employed entrepreneur on the optical market of specialized or for the mere exercise of the profession. We find the figure in the independent optician specialized optical centers, branches of local or national chains, in laboratories that pack and carry glasses and tailored visual medical devices, industry of ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, ophthalmic instrumentation or in companies that sell wholesale optical products with both technical and commercial functions. The optical and private practice carries out activities to specialized optical centers, advises customers sulel lenses better suited to choose from with the diopter according to prescription or dell'optometristiche, explains the advantages of different types of lenses (mineral or organic, bifocal, progressive, etc.) and the definition (anti-reflective, color, etc.), tailor frames the physiognomy of the people, provides advice on eye protection at work, during leisure time or in sports.