Be Nurses means carry a health profession which requires an enabling university diploma and registration with an association of Nurses who highlighted the activities not only practical but also intellectual Nurses abolishing their status as ausiliarietà and permanently with Law no. 42, 1999. IN order to better understand the profession and the multiple facets must be aware of the following provisions of regulations so please consult: D. M. 14 September 1994, n. 739; L. 26 February 1999, n. 42; L. August 10, 2000, n. 251. The nursing profession · planned, operated, conducted on the basis of scientific expertise and is the relative health care activities on the individual, the community, the people, whether they are healthy or ill subjects, in order to help the recovery of a state of health or improve it. The nurse in fact has jurisdiction over the citizens who are in poor health situations not only to define the main priorities but also to process termination assumptions and plan actions with the identification of all the technical tools necessary in order to achieve the result planned: in this sense the nurse is directly responsible for the result achieved and assumes the responsibility for the correctness of the actions carried out in person or by others that he has identified, but not with the result obtained by prescription.

The degree course in Nursing is part of the Health Professions Degree courses, and aims to train technical workers who, with professional autonomy, activities directed to prevention, care and safeguarding individual and collective health. The duration of the three year course and attendance is mandatory. The ownership of the Ministry of Health that defines the training of specialist training courses represents the guarantee of homogeneity throughout the national territory in order to avoid the proliferation of different courses that take account only of specific requirements for local areas. A degree in nursing is a very good job opportunities and career prospects. The nurses found employment in social public health facilities (hospitals, assisted nursing homes, social and health districts, territorial home care, ambulance and helicopter, etc.), Within socio-private health facilities ( clinics and private practices, private residential facilities, cooperatives, etc.), or carries out his profession as a freelancer (home care, counseling, etc.). Usually the distinction professionals Nurses according to the specialized path post chosen based and in this sense we distinguish the public health nurse, pediatric nurse, psychiatric nurse, the nurse geriatric, the critical care nurse, l 'Registered Nurse, the instrumentalist Nurse.