The Network administrator is a professional recently established that deals with the management of the technical solutions to the problems arising from 'placing in the holdings of the company and outside the company network. It is an established profession, therefore, the real need to manage the computer networks within a company, also dealing with the security of all transactions that take place via the computer network.

Typically working as a freelancer at large, medium and small businesses and to carry out this task, it is necessary that you register at the Chamber of Commerce as a freelancer, requesting the opening of a VAT. The computer network administrator can operate, depending on the complexity of the system, both individually and in collaboration with the technicians of local networks and has an ongoing relationship with the company management. In most cases, for troubleshooting the network of PC you need to work at the customer's premises, during breaks at work and in the days of the close of business to avoid creating misunderstandings on the computer network and slow down the normal course of business . The main tasks to be undertaken by the network administrator is managing numerous systems on the network and within the company and verify the functionality of the devices themselves. You will also be necessary, which the network administrator verify the functionality of the web server and mail server and will have to develop skills to manage responsibly the file transfer protocol and offer its expertise for advice on IT infrastructure. The network administrator will need to be a professional who is found to be able to do the work that has interest to do, showing skill and dexterity when you need to troubleshoot any network failure occurs, making sure to restore it in quickly as possible.

This profession usually is conducted independently by providing an autonomous service to the services and all types of companies and enterprises agencies and offices that need to have a figure who can help them solve network problems as quickly as possible and to intervene in quickly on the problem. To pursue a network administrator career, however relate to the skills and requirements for the training course, you will need to first of all that the applicant has acquired a diploma of secondary school preferably scientific technical direction. Once acquired, you will need to approach the profession or specialize through a regional vocational training (for example to technical network management "which is usually played and is obtained the certificate after 800 hours) or to undertake a university career, achieving a degree in technical subjects such as computer science and electronic engineering engineering. In addition, more and more often we are triggered numerous refresher courses to allow continuous updates to the candidate, allowing him to also know the news about the technology and computer science.

Is not a purely theoretical work but is also very practical and experiential: for this reason, it is important that network administrators have gained work experience in the role of help and computer technician for a period of time not less than three years. This activity is usually performed in a manner autonomous, providing services to companies, businesses, offices and anything else that they need to intervene, for different reasons, on the computer network, but however there is also the opportunity to work for a company or a large company with a large corporate computer network and a high potential to be kept under control. To practice in the best possible way, it is necessary that the aspirant network administrator possesses some skills and requirements that will enable them to work without difficulty. You must, in fact, that the network administrator future has a good relationship with IT and with the instruments connected input and output, knowing and having expertise in the installation and use. It is important, then, that the candidate knows all the hardware and the business system network, different operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows NT, DOS and Unix as well as messaging. Being a profession that is usually of foreign origin products, it is necessary that the aspirant network administrator to know foreign languages, especially English, since the texts on the profession as well as instruction manuals, hardly, will be possible to find them with a Italian translation. A point not less important, then, is the ability to follow a course of network, information technology and telecommunications, which are usually organized by the Region: to have access to these courses, will be essential to have at least a diploma as well as technology-focused attend the entire training course attendance is mandatory at the end of which will be issued a certificate of attendance along with a certification of the acquired qualification that will allow you to insert them with higher skills in the labor world.