The mechanic automotive vehicle is a person employed in the service sector, then the sector that concerns the development of services for the citizen, and plays the role of repair and / or accomodatore of machines, in particular of cars and motorcycles. Within its activities, it can assist both the fuel resale and / or inflation and balancing of tires.
The mechanical automotive vehicles can carry out their profession taking on the role of employees at a workshop or a company mechanics of various sizes or as a freelancer, opening his own auto repair business. Among the many tasks it is to play in this work that's usually a full-time and is practiced six days a week, the mechanic deals with:
Perform the actions that have been prescribed by standard procedures by acting on their own through the identification of anomalies and trying to find the resolution;
Accommodates and repairs mopeds and vehicles: locates faults, breakdowns and damaged and worn parts, repairing them and replacing them with others;
Repairs, disassembles and assembles engine parts, trying to improve its functionality and allowing a better vehicle performance;
Controls the correct operation of the vehicle and, working at a workshop, can flank of mechanical activity also that of sale replacement parts so as to be able to immediately solve certain problems.
The professional can perform their duties is taking the role of dependence assuming the role of employee at a workshop or becoming itself the owner of the structure.
To become a mechanic automotive vehicles is not necessary to resort to any specific career of study, but the candidate can take this profession having only acquired the secondary school, supplemented by a course of vocational training or through a high school diploma with specialization technical. Key is revealed on the job training, or the training that assumes in integrative manner when starting the coaching of new employees with more experienced mechanical and, given the lack of qualification and specialization courses, often the same they are conducted independently and self-managed by the companies themselves. Knowledge assumed by the diploma and the right training period, it would be necessary to combine the studies an internship at workshops or car repair centers: only with practice, in fact, you will acquire the knowledge and skills appropriate to repair damaged vehicles. Schools of education together with the regions themselves organize courses of car mechanics lasting several months, after which will be given a certificate of attendance and a real qualification: this, of course, does not mean being automatically mechanically since, as we previously said, the craft is acquired above all in the field and with years of experience but certainly the training course that provides more of notions that are right to own if you are looking for work. In addition to attending the training course as a mechanic of cars, it is possible that the professional to specialize in the repair of vintage cars, activities that could complement to what usually takes place along with the gas station, tire inflation as well as repairs and maintenance tasks that are usually entrusted to esterne.Per companies regarding the skills, it is necessary that the candidate has skills and knowledge related to mechanical technologies, the technical design and functioning as well as the type of machine tools as well as a thorough knowledge of iT elements that can be essential skill for them to perform their training and e-skills. In carrying out their profession, then, the mechanic has relations with the operators of the machines on which to carry out the maintenance, with team boss or old maintainer and possibly with warehouse workers for the supply of spare parts. The professional, in addition, must be able to optimally organize the various stages of work, meeting deadlines and it is essential that knows how to intervene quickly, using effectively the necessary technical supports. As concerns, instead, the requirements, it is necessary that the mechanic possesses knowledge concerning mechanical technology and mechanical technology knowledge as well as knowledge of the two-and four-stroke engines, the ignition and extinguishing systems, of systems of transmission and braking as well as carburizing and cooling systems. The mechanics are highly sought after professionals: the best ones come to earn thousands of Euros a day. Nowadays, we have to admit that the profession is much more complex than in the past: the mechanic of cars, in fact, has become a little 'because the mechanical engineer now has need to have technical knowledge that had not needed now that it's all electronic, such as the switching on and off, the alarm operation, and connection to the vehicle and the mp3 of smartphones.