The Massage Therapist is health care operator who operates under circumstances that relate specifically restricted motion discomfort, performing, by prescription, interventions and massage therapy treatments. More detail you can bring the words of the DM 07/09/76 - DM 105 07/03/1997: "The physiotherapist is in possession of a solid basic education and professional training that allow him safe operational expertise for the prevention, to the care and rehabilitation. The auxiliary medical profession of physiotherapist is practiced through therapeutic massage, hygienic, deep tissue, aesthetic applied to sport, in different ways depending on the disease and the age of patients. "
The physiotherapist carries out physiotherapy treatments and massage techniques in the parts always treated according to the norms established by the physician. This professional usually performs its activities, serving and auxiliary character, either as employees or freelance, within the limits of its placement.
The physiotherapist can not propose diagnosis or set independently therapy and even make functional assessments, he operates relying expressly on those indications supervisor doctor.
The course to become a physiotherapist develops through a training program which develops both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, dealing with topics of study and disciplines that ensure, at the end of the trail, the most suitable and complete professional capacity. The school for massage therapists has a duration of three years and allows to obtain a license and be spent nationally recognized. In Italy the most qualified person for this particular structure in which the course is the Enrico Fermi School & College System of Perugia. The physiotherapist, to achieve a good title can also attend regional training courses. The regional courses last usually two years can go up to three.
Often the physiotherapeutic massages is confused with massage therapy, or a particular massage technique that makes use of specific products according to the problem to solve, or simply oil or talc. The massage therapist courses do not lead to the achievement of specific suitability, but have mainly a training function. To become a massage therapist, you must attend two-year courses run by the Regions. Career opportunities for those who are massage therapists are many, in fact, can be requested at the clubs, at health clubs or they can become employees of medical centers. They may be exercised in healthcare organizations and public health facilities, establishments and care centers, physical therapy rehabilitation centers, spa facilities balneo-, tourist facilities and wellness centers. The physiotherapist boulder can also practice their profession free and open his own studio massofisioterapico.