The insurance agent is an interesting professional, definitely a profession that don't knows periods of crisis and which operates under a mandate of one or more insurance companies on behalf of which sells and / or operates services in a given place, defined area of ??expertise where it constitutes a network of knowledge regarding the development of their own affairs and to maintain relationships with customers, making a real brokerage activities.

The insurance agent can perform its activity both as a freelancer, then autonomously at a personal operating structure even the help of collaborators such as producers, sub-agents and administrative personnel both as an employee at one or more administration agencies; Moreover it is defined, monomandatario if acting on behalf of one insurance agency and agent plurimandatario if he works for insurance companies. The insurance agent is delivered as a profession certainly not easy because it deals with numerous activities would require that the insurance agent knows how to organize and monitor the Agency's activities, allowing your workgroup to achieve the goals through proper motivation and competence and must show towards our customers to be able to analyze the situation in front of him, managing requests including identifying and proposing solutions for every type of request. The insurance agent must also be able to manage their own work, so looking for new potential clients, managing their own customer base and entering into insurance policies. The professional can also play activities and bureaucratic tasks in case should handle situations related to cases of left and various damages as well as practicing the activities involved in the insurance agency and clients. The practitioner also must occupy to any possible collaborators, conducting mentoring and refresher courses for their colleagues and plan and organize the Agency's activities. Important it is also revealed the update: the insurance agent, in fact, must be kept constantly informed about news and regulations on insured products, trying to also monitor competition. As regards the gain, usually the insurance agent receives fees commissions, that is based on the quality of contracts but some also correspond agencies a fixed remuneration (limited amount) and variable compensation commission.

To become an insurance agent, you must have not only insurance and commercial skills but also organizational skills and knowledge of marketing: for this reason, the basic training is definitely the most suitable college career, pursuing a degree in economics or law, but, in some cases, could also do with a commercial technical diploma of accountant. The aspirant insurance agent to become such, will then join the RUI, the unique register of financial intermediaries held by ISVAP (Institute for the supervision of private insurance and collective interest), registration subject to the holding of a no less degree the upper secondary level education and support a very selective and difficult exam that is administered by ISVAP, Institute for Supervision of Private Insurance and Collective that needs a great preparation by the candidate who can choose to prepare both independently or through online courses with video lessons. The examination will focus on two tests, one written and one oral and will focus on legal and economic matters as well as on the technical part of the policy, on the fiscal and on the needs of the consumer. It is very difficult to become an insurance agent because, despite many requests, very few candidates who pass, allowing them to achieve the abilitazione.Non everyone must take this exam: certain categories, in fact, if they satisfy the so-called equivalent qualifications will are exempted as those who are registered as insurance agents in another European Union country, the insurance company executives for at least two years or even those who have practiced the profession of professional subagent for at least two years. To sign up for the RUI also the conclusion of a professional civil liability policy is required which will also cover risks related to infidelity of employees with a minimum ceiling for the left one million euro and an overall ceiling for a period insurance of a half million Euros. The insurance agent profession was ridisciplinata by Legislative Decree no. 209 of 7 September 2005 the whole banking sector in the insurance, by inserting the legitimisation of the profession even membership in Section A of the Single Registry of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries governed by ISVAP Regulation, Institute for Supervision of Private Insurance and Collective n. 5 of 16 October 2006 and thus changing also other key insurance intermediaries such as brokers, manufacturers and others intermediaries that have been merged into a single electronic register kept by ISVAP, all of whom remain distinct with their own characterizations below both substantively and formally.