The E-learning manager is a professional who follows the design, implementation and management of e-learning activities: in our days, investments made on technology have become fundamental to be competitive on the market and invest in new technologies and, in particular, the teaching done through electronic media.

An important role in Knowledge Management, the so-called knowledge management, is a branch that is now crucial for most public and private organizations. The E-learning manager performs operational tasks as well as financial kind within an entire educational project and presents itself as a point of reference for practically everyone. The activity of the E-learning manager usually manages to involve three types of different interlocutors: the clients of the project itself, the team that has the task of creating the didactic program and the students who are the recipients to whom the program is addressed same. The professional has many tasks to perform, but in particular is responsible for identifying the specific needs of the client, the assessment of financial coverage, the selection of the members of the working group and the assignment of roles within the team. the choice of teaching standards and models. Furthermore, the E-learning manager is responsible for coordinating the group, trying to create harmony in the group and in particular among content experts and technology experts and monitoring the final results. This professional figure can operate both within medium - large companies that have the economic capacity as well as human resources suitable for the realization of e - learning solutions that of specialized companies that offer their services to third parties. The salary, generally, is between thirty-five and sixty thousand euros gross per year, but the same gain can vary depending on the skills and experience gained: to that amount must then be added to the productivity bonuses. As for the skills that it should possess, it is necessary that the e-learning manager knows the various learning methodologies and the basic communication techniques and knows how to understand the architecture of network environments, Web services and office automation software. . The professional must also be able to plan the resources and the analytical accounting and know how to use LMS, an application platform that allows the delivery of the courses carried out in e-learning mode in order to be able to contribute and realize the purposes and requests. provided by the educational project of the proposing institution.

To become an e-learning manager it is necessary that the candidate has a university level preparation, usually a three-year and / or magistral type degree with the study of both scientific and humanistic disciplines but anyway they are indispensable masters or specific courses that can teach the appropriate skills to carry out this profession. His duties usually require a high degree of specialization that can be obtained not only thanks to theoretical studies but also and above all thanks to a prolonged experience in the role. It is necessary for e-learning manager to know foreign languages ??and, in particular, the English language both written and oral both on a general and specific level, learning the proper terms of the sector. The e-learning manager must also have some basic requirements such as good planning skills to better manage the work, must be able to keep track of times and costs during processing and be able to manage any risks and contingencies . Furthermore, in order to be able to carry out this profession in the best way, the candidate must have an excellent knowledge of the personal computer and of the Web services as well as of the software and of the network environments. It is also essential that the candidate has an excellent knowledge of the communication bases, the learning methods and the main business processes. The candidate must also be willing to move frequently both in Italy and abroad, considering the fact that often the human resources involved in an e-learning project are not always close but can also be geographically distant.

Considering the fact, then, that the degree of specialization of the e-learning manager must necessarily be very high given the requisites that must possess, more and more often the E-learning manager is required for jobs within specialized companies that offer service to third parties. It is also necessary from the point of view of character, that the candidate has leadership skills to lead his team, good communication skills and must be able to motivate his team to try to work in the best possible climate: l 'e-learning manager, practically, is a real point of reference for all those taking part in the project, starting from the real team that will work shoulder to shoulder with him but also the customers and recipients of the program. He must also be able to have a strategic vision of the whole project in order to manage the team and give clear indications when necessary.