The British term designer (literally, designer) indicates a professional who deals with the design of many types of artifacts, often architectural or technical design. Specifically, there are several specialist skills, as part of the design, which imply different qualities and professional skills. This professional defines what will be produced, that is the object, and how it will be built. To achieve this, it must possess a thorough understanding of materials, assembly techniques, technical standards and laws that insist on the matter in which it intends to operate. The designer is a generalist profession that is divided into several specializations:
industrial designer
graphic designer
interior designer
Fashion designers
jewelry designer
lighting designer
The characteristics which must, for example, own an interior designer have a passion for home decoration, a creative personality and open to new challenges. This discipline is expanding greatly, the interior designer is a profession characterized interdisciplinarity. To become interior designers you need to earn a degree in architecture, industrial design, engineering or equivalent degrees, alternatively possess a baccalaureate obtained at schools of furniture or interior architecture. It is better, of the university master's degree in interior design, or courses at specialized institutions, to deepen the characteristics of materials, design methods, the use of colors, the way to design the light, the use of computer design, knowledge and deepening of ecological design. The interior design has to have a good familiarity with the computer, especially with software like Adobe Photoshop, Autocad 2D and 3D, illustrator, flash. In particular, it is essential to know the new web technologies, to be able to mount a video, implement virtual programs, apply web elements both internal and external. The Interior Designer can find employment in the furniture industry companies, manufacturers or distributors of furniture, kitchens, health, interior finishes, such as ceramics. It can also work at the stands sector companies, but also of industry professional firms: whether they are designers, architects. Nowadays, are in high demand jobs that require technical and practical skill, one of the most popular and profitable in the professional, is that industrial designer (also known as an industrial designer), which is the figure that deals to draw and design objects that will be produced by the companies. To become a professional industrial designer must be proficient in the design, it is equipped with imagination and have a passion for fashion. This professional usually does not work for one type of company, but lends its cooperation to all companies that, during the production cycle are concerned with achieving accessories, objects, machines that need to innovate their production, with the design of new functional elements. As for university education, among the various options available, you could for example get a degree in architecture, or choose a class pertaining to the engineering branch, and then complete the training through technical design specific courses or master's degree in design. The industrial designer often works as a freelancer, with a VAT opening, lending their knowledge and services to companies.