The Credit Analyst or Credit Manager is a professional essentially new that combines bureaucratic skills and business skills and financial. It is a very popular profession by Italian firms as worries, in essence, to collect claims, and to control the default of the customer and therefore must have excellent skills in the management of credit companies and experience in cash management and treasury.
The profession of Credit Analyst has many tasks, but you can summarize them basically in a few points:
Analyze and assess the adequacy of funding requests and study the statements and documentation to define the type of financing suited to the needs and the economic structure.
Evaluate the guarantees of the customer or the company that are able to cover the financing and assess the evolution of the economic and financial situation of the company.
Examine loan applications by providing a partial grant or whole document and identify any anomalous positions, formulating new hypotheses of solution.
It is necessary, therefore, that the credit manager has experience in cash management and treasury, liaise with banks and any temporary liquidity crisis and, gaining experience, will then be able to judge the reliability and quality of operating income as well as meet the demands of its trading partners without failing to caution that the profession requires. To exercise this profession, you must also possess the ability to create documents with graphs and tables which make it easier to read and have a propensity to analysis work. Despite the skills, however, the credit manager is a kind of professional career specialized information with which you can pursue three different professions through prevention as well the integration of business skills (business consultant evolved), or to characterize them for managerial skills (responsible the corporate business unit) or specialize in transactions that have high professional competence (project financing) .The credit manager often works in a team, often dealing with other specialists much more experienced and will report directly with the heads of the structure and with colleagues network who have direct relationship with companies and possesses a privileged partner, the business consultant. This figure in fact provides him with the necessary information for the definition of commercial lines to be taken with customers.
The Credit Analyst, depending on the country where you acquire the residence and then they work, have different modes in order to be legally recognized as credit analysts, but in most cases can achieve a real college degree to prepare them for the tasks this work is not always easy. In Australia, in fact, the credit manager, to be considered as such, must be registered in the appropriate register AICM, the Australian Institute of credit management and, if not, may face sanctions and the arrest; Canada, however, the official recognition occurs through the professional credit certificate, the CCP (formerly known as the Fellow Institute of Credit, the Fund that is becoming a major element of interest from the company at the time of the choice of taking an element capable of managing the credit department. in Italy as in the UK there is a specialized degree program that can be addressed and to new credit manager, but in the UK you can get credit for the profession of credit manager at the Institute of Credit Manager. In most cases, if we reference the professionals who decide to pursue this profession in Italy, usually you can access this profession, possessing a bachelor's degree in economics (usually economics or anyway similar materials) or in case has already been dealing in these matters and has already practiced in other roles for a period, you can become a credit manager only possessing a commercial technical direction diploma. The credit manager, although it is not necessarily a required time workers remain in other places, it is preferable that initially you start working, especially to buy much experience as possible, at a certification company and budget review, or it is also possible to practice at branches banking, finance companies and investment funds. When you gain experience and acquired the way to work you need to attend training courses and seminars at the ACMI (Associazione Credit Manager Italy) that grouping responsible for the management of credit, a company that provides training, updates, specialization just to stay current and therefore ready to face any kind of problem that could happen at work. Another way to catch up, is the AIAF (Italian Association of Financial Analysts), the association of reference for the credit manager who reside and work in Italy and organizes many courses on financial analysis techniques.