The Chef is a highly skilled professional who belongs to the catering business and is responsible for all aspects relating to the preparation and processing of raw materials to make a dish. This professional is also responsible for creating the menu, the development of the recipes and the entire monitoring of their realization on the part of its employees to be trained by the chef himself to be a viable kitchen staff who can support him in the best way .
The chef is, therefore, the head of the kitchen brigade who directs the staff and all those who are involved in the food preparation. It is also necessary that the chef has the ability to develop a full menu, and also creating new dishes, knows how to determine the price of a flat and the cost of its preparation. It 'also necessary that the chef has the skills to manage the supply and ensure the food orders and coordinate the work of his team, including by establishing the work shifts and assigning any days off. The chef also keeps close contact with the management and with the reception of the hotel. Depending on the role performed, there are several names that are given to the chefs who work in a professional kitchen:
Executive chef, a category that indicates the highest level between the chefs. He is the one who takes care of the job responsibilities and draw up the service dynamics and responsibilities of the sector;
Head chef or head chef is a person who does the same executive chef but is subject to a lower grade. The chef takes any decisions in the preparation of minor service as supply management and the monitoring of food orders. It is necessary, then, that they are two distinct categories of capicuochi: those who wish to teach and those who, instead, prefer to just cook. Those who undertake the teaching are willing to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with anyone of their students who wish to learn and deepen the matter. Different, however, is the attitude of those who have absolute precision and dispassionately love the food;
Master chef chef or manager is an executive chef who heads most restaurants usually works in the local of his property but also carries out duties related to the administration of other activities;
The sous chef is a role that is at the second place in the kitchen brigade and can be considered as direct executive assistant by the head chef. In some companies the English-speaking countries, the title can be supplied to several auxiliary chef so it is possible that the title of sous chef is characterized by an internal hierarchy:
Sous-chefs tout court;
Senior sous-chef;
Sous-chef junior.
All three figures are in a subordinate position compared with headchef and are responsible for the work done by subordinates chef;
Celebrity chef or a chef became famous through the apparitions through the mass media, especially on television and often leads to headings or cooking shows.
Commis-chef, that is what one might call an apprentice chef;
Les marmitons, the home chef is called marmittone, a person who has learned how to cook in an unconventional way, so do not along the ordinary course to become a chef but the culinary skills superior to those of the trade cooks. The international association of chefs "do-it-yourself" Les Marmiton has seven organizations in five countries: each organization is limited to 100 individuals but the membership is highly respected.
To embark on a career as a chef, we must first consider that it is not a simple profession and requires a lot of work and effort, a job that, however, carried out in the best way can give great satisfaction and above all our work can be rewarded by customers. Considering above all the great notoriety that the culinary professions have acquired in this last period, various training schools have been created that allow to acquire the necessary notions to become a professional chef and to favor the work placement of his students through excellent training and internships in highly qualified facilities and also culinary schools located in the main cuisine centers of the world such as Paris, San Francisco, New York and Tokyo. The training courses are usually limited and the lessons are managed by professional teachers. Moreover, it is possible through these modules to follow laboratories and seminars and carry out training internships to be carried out in highly qualified structures that are located throughout the national territory. To become a chef, moreover, it is necessary to have some basic requirements such as the desire to experiment with one's own recipes, be very creative, want to learn and sacrifice oneself to do what one wants. It is also necessary for the aspiring chef to gain experience in the field: the students usually learn through field experience and should limit themselves to explaining their ideas and concepts: once you have acquired a series of skills, it will be possible to work for a chef worthy of his name.