The Building administrator is a professional specialized in expense management and supervision of maintenance both ordinary and extraordinary to be made at buildings and condominiums.
Usually the administrator performing in medium condos / large and works autonomously; is a profession that is being developed following the continuous and persistent disputes that arise.
The duties of directors are multiple and develop in different fields: they must convene a meeting annually for the report and execute the resolutions, to enforce the house rules and giving penalties to those who violate, regulate the use of things and above all of the spaces common. One of the main tasks is to draw up budgets and final balance (before and after the expenditure) of the costs incurred by the condominium, spreading them among the families, according to the inhabited square meters and the number of components. To make these predictions should be brought together condos for approval of financial statements and for the examination of various problems of the condominium.
Another responsibility is to collect service fees and take action on the recommendation of the owners, in case of malfunction of the common systems, which can be the elevator or air conditioning systems or central heating.
After the introduction of the reform of the condominium, in force since last June 18, the building manager is always promises more like a profession to play full-time, after appropriate training. The burden of responsibility is much greater than in the past, for this reason it is possible to delegate this work to society and not just to individuals. The news released by the reform depart from the appointment of the administrator, which is considered mandatory when the number of condos is greater than eight. The mandate lasts one year, after which the administrator must be confirmed or revoked by the assembly condominium.
To become a building administrator requires the full enjoyment of civil rights, one must have a diploma and having attended a training course and training schedules. The Anaci (Directors National Association of Condominium and Real Estate), is one of the confederations that annually organizes a training course for condominiums and estate administrators.
You can also attend the courses also offered dall'Anammi (National-European Association of Property Administrators), which with its more than 13,000 members is the largest in the industry.
To enter the profession of building administrator you are not required to be enrolled on a professional register; in any case there is no mandatory national certification system, which specifies the quality and qualifications of these professionals, thus offering guarantees to condominiums.
No special skills to pursue this career if not outstanding leadership skills, to cope with the many individuals with often conflicting ideas.