The Biotherapist or biopranotherapist is a particularly sensitive and sensitive person who, through his bioenergetic flow, helps the patient in the harmonious and natural stabilization of physical and psychological well-being. Using its energy, in fact, the biotherapist perceives the vital energy level of the body and the organs, revealing the imbalances and, using the imposition of hands on the patient, has the power to restore energy either in the whole body or only in a specific area, restoring its balance and harmony and thus favoring the path of healing and improvement.

All have prana, energy, is usually identified as a common heritage but not everyone knows how to use it in the most correct and effective for themselves and for others: the biotherapist is equipped and thanks to his therapy it is possible to trigger a process healing inborn in every living being.

The professional figure of the biotherapist, although in Italy is not recognized as it should, in reality in many countries enjoys an obvious recognition: even today, in fact, there are many people who wrongly associate biotherapy with ritualistic practices or the same magic but the biotherapist is none of this. The discipline of biotherapy, in fact, is a complement to traditional medicine, minimally overlapping its role and therefore, as a consequence, the biotherapist does not formulate a diagnosis, does not prescribe drugs or visits the patient. Usually, the biotherapist works with the patient through a cycle of sessions (usually 10/12 meetings) but the number of which is established, from time to time, according to health conditions with a recall every thirty days. After the first irradiation, the patient in the following days may even have a worsening of the symptoms, but, starting from the fifth session should be clear the aid of the biotherapist to the patient.

Between the biopranotherapist and the treated person, during the sessions, an energy circulation is created, a communication between the respective pranas; the imposition of the hands varies according to the pathologies and, in principle, it is advisable to maintain the duration of a session about 10/15 minutes. Examining thousands of healers, it has been found that there are two categories of biotherapy operators: the classic healer who transmits in a constant or intermittent manner to bioresonance cerebral electromagnetic fields or biphons with predominant frequencies and the psytic healer transmitting in a strong or intense way for Bioresonance of cerebral electromagnetic fields or biophones. The therapy of the biotherapist can bring several benefits to the patient, such as a vasodilator action, anti-inflammatory action thanks to the greater blood flow due to the vasodilator action, an antibacterial, homeostatic and even restorative action, promoting sleep and also anti-pain promoting the production of bio -endorfine.

To carry out the profession of biotherapist or biopranopractic you must first understand if you are really gifted with prana, or if you really have the personal requirements necessary to give benefit to others and that energy and feel a spirit capable of listening deeply. Since 1994, it has been necessary, however, precisely to distance the true profession from mere cialtroneria, to create a code of ethics for the category of biotherapists to be included in the database of the liberal professions and to call it biopranoterapia, noun deriving from the union of two similar professions , biotherapy in fact and pranotherapy. The qualified partner, who should be defined as a biopranotherapist as a pranopractic operator, must be represented by an association which will be able to guarantee, through a certificate of competence, results obtainable in the bioradiant treatments of the health problems of the person. Moreover, the qualified operator must accept his data and personal skills on the Internet every year and insert them in a card that must be endorsed by the president of Anpsi (Italian National Association of Sensitive Pranotherapists) Aureliano Bartoli. For those who have carried out the pranopractic activity, an internship of at least 100/200 hours is necessary during which the leaders of the association will have responsibility towards the users of orientation and training during the experimentation period of the operator so that it can be managed to the best and can manage to better manage its bioradiant qualities. The associations are also responsible for regional representatives to send a list of suitable people to provide their services in the health service. Before their activities, the associates must have attended a course that until 2006 had a duration of 250 hours per year but which now, according to European legislation, has become three-year duration and about 600 hours. To become a biotherapist, moreover, it is necessary to follow a practicum for the exercise and development of one's mental and cerebral qualities to transmit bioenergy. At the end of the three-year period, a qualifying examination is also foreseen in the following subjects: Allopathic medicine, energetic medicine, psychobiophysics and pranopratics (methods and techniques for bioresonance). As far as access to courses is concerned, the candidate must have completed compulsory schooling, which usually lasts until the second year of high school.

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