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    Private lessons for children

    4 hours
    Bookable for longer time
    Available only off-site within a range of 50km Booking with confirmation Pay online or on-site
    Provided by

    My name is Stefania, for many years I have been dealing with private lessons for children, to provide adequate knowledge and the necessary help to orient themselves in the complexity of the present.

    €30.00 if pay on-site
    €27.00 - 10% if pay online
    €24.00 - 20% with more orders
    Available in:
    Frascineto, Calabria, Italy

    Advanced course in personalized tourism neuromarketing

    Delivery in 1 day   4 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Dopo aver appreso nel corso base le nozioni e i principi del neuromarketing, utili ad attrarre il viaggiatore verso la propria struttura, nel corso avanzato prenderemo in esame le schede che sono state riempite per ogni settore. Queste saranno analizzate individualmente per poter individuare i punti di forza, da usare come vantaggio competitivo verso la concorrenza (perché di concorrenza nel turismo ne avrete eccome…).

    Il livello avanzato si compone di 4 moduli, dove prima di ognuno sarà fornito del materiale da leggere e dopo sarà fatto un’analisi di persona online o cellulare, a vostra preferenza.

    Ogni aspetto trattato riguarderà come impostare la giusta comunicazione, sia essa sui propri siti web, che nella promozione nei social, usando un linguaggio idoneo a suscitare le emozioni del viaggiatore.

    Prima l’ultimo modulo inviato conterrà un report individuale sull’attività presa in esame, con considerazioni e possibili approcci.

    L’ultimo incontro online discuterà di quanto esaminato a consuntivo di tutte le analisi del percorso.

    Il corso si basa sulle strategie comunicative della Programmazione Neuro Linguistica, messe in atto da tutti i brand che vogliono creare un legame emotivo e una fidelizzazione con il cliente.

    €144.00 -10%
    Made in:
    Montalcino, Toscana, Italy

    Tourist neuromarketing strategies - basic course

    Delivery in 1 day   4 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Every company that deals with tourism, be it a small hotel, a b & b, a farmhouse and a private landlord or holiday home, must recognize that tourism has changed in recent years. We have gone from an offer from catalogs and travel agencies to online proposals, even directly. But what is today's traveler looking for? EMOTIONS! He wants to bring with him not only photographic and product memories, but something that is imprinted inside and remains there forever.

    Neuromarketing is a new branch of promotion that many companies use and do not know how to recognize, it links the inner needs to the emotions that can be aroused by the product. This course helps you to create EXPERIENCES or IMPROVE YOUR OFFER with neuromarketing strategies, through a simple, guided path that will provide immediate results. A technique that has helped many tourism operators, making their offers more attractive, but above all by binding customers to return.

    The course of the course consists of a basic part of analysis, where you learn the techniques to analyze your offer, through lessons that explain with examples the various sections examined such as the location, the advantages to be exploited, the difficulties to be overcome, as well as forms to fill in for each segment. At the end we move on to the drafting part of the neuromarketing project, where the cards are examined individually and the path to be tackled is identified.

    The course consists of 4 phases for the basic part, where the modules will be sent and when each card is returned the next module will be sent - 4 half-hour online lessons for the second phase - An individual summary card will be sent with analysis of the segment and operational tips.

    €72.00 -10% with more orders
    Made in:
    Montalcino, Toscana, Italy

    Portrait photography lesson

    Delivery in 1 day   No revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Discover Your Potential in Portrait Photography!

    If you want to learn portrait photography skills and turn your passion for photography into an art, you're in the right place! With over 10 years of experience in the field of personal portraits, our course will guide you towards excellence in the art of capturing the essence of a person through the perfect shot.

    What will you learn with us?

    Advanced Lighting Techniques: We will reveal the secrets of artificial light to create breathtaking effects and illuminate the subject impeccably. You will learn to master the control of light to create incredible portraits.

    Composition and Posing: Composition is the key to an exceptional portrait. You will discover how to position your subject and make the most of its potential. Every detail counts, and you'll learn to draw attention to what really matters.

    Emotional Connection: A successful portrait is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also captures the essence and emotion of the subject. We'll teach you how to make an authentic connection with the person you're photographing, ensuring that every shot tells a story.

    Editing and Post-Production: Your work doesn't end with the shot. You will learn to perfect your images through post-production techniques to achieve incredible results.

    Practical Tips and Tricks of the Trade: We share with you the tricks that only experts know. You'll be ready to handle any photography situation with confidence and creativity.

    Career Opportunities: Portrait photography is one of the most sought-after disciplines in the world of photography. After completing the course, you will be ready to pursue a career as a professional photographer or improve your skills if you are already active in the industry.

    Don't miss the opportunity to learn from experts with a passion for portraiture and decades of experience. Sign up for our portrait photography course today and start creating stunning images!

    €42.75 -5% with more orders
    Made in:
    Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

    Storytelling brand - basic level

    Delivery in 1 day   5 revisions included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Most business presentations focus on the content and delivery of keynotes. Focusing on this is compelling, sadly sometimes these details are complex and make speeches written on brochures, on websites, not to mention podium speeches, business-focused and sometimes too academic, unnerving.

    Those who read or listen want something fun, engaging, while integrating content, texts based on the principles of storytelling, the most requested skill in the business world today.

    Where do the most compelling strategic presentations typical of great speakers come from?

    The push for both effective storytelling and brevity strikes many as a significant challenge.

    How can you tell the story of who a company is, why he does what he does and why he is better than the competition? How do you tell the story behind the idea without being trivial?

    We are all "storytellers". We don't call ourselves that, but that's what we do every day. Although we have been sharing stories for thousands of years, the skills we needed to be successful in the industrial age were very different from those required today. The ability to sell our ideas in the form of stories is more important than ever. Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In the information age, in the knowledge economy, you must be as valuable as your ideas. History is the means through which we transfer these ideas and your ability to package them with emotions, context and relevance is the only skill that will make you more valuable in the time to come.

    Storytelling is the art of framing an idea as a narrative to inform, enlighten and inspire.

    This short course presents the strategies of some of the greatest brand storytellers of our time and will analyze their strategies, to understand, beyond their business idea, the potential derived from their ability to tell a transformative story. The ideas that take hold are shrouded in history.

    The art of storytelling to inspire, motivate and ultimately persuade others to take the desired course of action is learned with technique and most of the great storytellers have struggled in their lives and transformed their adversities. in victories. Struggle is a part of nature, which is why we find stories of adversity almost impossible to ignore. Inspiring leaders often speak in the story of adversity to create an emotional bond with their audience. Embrace your story because it is the stuff from which legends are made and legacies are left.


    Storytelling is not something we do. Storytelling is who we are.

    €72.00 -10%
    €68.00 -15% with more orders
    Made in:
    Montalcino, Toscana, Italy

    Cooking class

    Delivery in 1 day   1 revision included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    My name is Rossana, I am a cooking enthusiast, I run online cooking courses, customized according to the requests and preferences of the members. I am available for any type of cuisine even with food restrictions. More details regarding participation in the course will be provided after placing the order.

    €25.50 -15%
    Made in:
    Trivigno, Basilicata, Italy

    Babysitting and tutoring

    3 hours
    Bookable for longer time
    Available on-site and off-site within a range of 20km Booking with confirmation Pay online or on-site
    Provided by

    My name is Cecilia, for many years I have been involved in tutoring in psychological, pedagogical and Italian literature subjects. I also provide tutoring for junior high school students in science subjects. I am also available as a babysitter, I guarantee professionalism, kindness and skills.

    €45.00 if pay on-site
    €36.00 - 20% if pay online
    Available in:
    Roma, Lazio, Italy

    Personalized training plan

    Delivery in 4 days   1 revision included
    Provided online Pay online
    Provided by

    Personalized training plan based on specific needs.

    Full body toning focus on aesthetic improvement of legs and buttocks.

    Specific intervention on cellulite and retention.

    €57.00 -5%
    €51.00 -15% with more orders
    Made in:
    Acerra, Campania, Italy

    Lessons English Literature Mathematics

    1 hour
    Bookable for longer time
    Available on-site and off-site within a range of 20km Booking with confirmation Pay online or on-site
    Provided by

    My name is Vanessa, I take care of lessons and repetitions of English up to level C2, Letters (Italian, History and Geography) and Mathematics, to students of elementary, middle and high schools, in the areas of Tivoli, Guidonia and in the municipality of Rome.

    I guarantee lessons organized and prepared according to the individual needs of children and young people who rely on my professionalism.

    I work at my home or at the student's home; I am also equipped to conduct online lessons if necessary.

    Until the COVID-19 emergency I taught English courses as a native speaker in elementary and middle schools. I also teach privately, to students of all ages: from children who need help or strengthening, to adults who need it for work.

    I have already taught Trinity, KET, PET and CLIL courses in various schools in the province of Rome through the Language Academy and The Globe Academy schools.

    I worked as an English language teacher in afternoon conversation and strengthening courses at the Alcide De Gasperi, “J. PINTOR ".

    For any information please do not hesitate to contact me!

    €17.00 if pay on-site
    €14.45 - 15% if pay online
    Available in:
    Tivoli, Lazio, Italy