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Hello, let me introduce myself.

I'm Avv. Vincenzo D. and I practice in Sciacca (AG), where I have the headquarters of my law firm.

I also manage to be present in the courts of Agrigento and Palermo.

I deal with issues of civil and criminal law, also through the provision of remote legal advice.

In my free time I play tennis.

Member Since - October 2022

Country - Italy

Speaks - Italian

€ 200.00/hour

Advice for separations and divorces

1 hour
Bookable for longer time
Available only on-site Booking with confirmation Pay online or on-site
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During the first approach I try to provide the Client with a general framework on what to do with respect to the case envisaged.

Often, in the very dynamic matter in question, the customer does not know how to behave in everyday life.

€50.00 if pay on-site
€47.50 - 5% if pay online
€45.00 - 10% with more orders
Available in:
Sciacca, Sicilia, Italy