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From an early age he watched with interest how the world could revolve around food, at the act of feeding and how this could never be lacking, as fuel of life for all living species. In recent years he has seen all the transformations of food, deepening them, for how it has changed, in all its forms, from the earth to the presentation on a plate in a restaurant kitchen. He examined these important changes that have taken place, trying to understand how to avoid putting at risk the fatigue and dedication of our ancestors who fought to produce healthy, genuine and totally chemical-free raw materials for everything. this, from 2013 to today, is a member and supporter of the slow food presidium for good, clean and fair food.

Member Since - September 2021

Country - Italy

Speaks - English, Italian

Healthy Chef

1 hour
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Not only a health-conscious chef, but also a lover of knowledge and research, good reading, and his biodynamic garden. Creator and creator of the Safe Food brand, a project created for food safety, and for the research of raw materials of Italian excellence.
€150.00 if pay on-site
€130.50 - 13% if pay online
Available in:
Roma, Lazio, Italy