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Hi everyone, I'm Soufien, I live in Jesolo and London and I own a company in the telecommunications field, which has been operating for 6 years in the supply of profiled contacts, commercial department rentals and innovative software. 

The Our profession has always been our passion and we help companies and agencies every day to obtain excellent profiled contacts at a wholesale price with a high conversion rate. 

We also offer commercial departments, you need 1 seller ? 3? 5? 10? no problem with us you have the opportunity to get excellent sellers prepared to raise your daily closing and cashout percentage.

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Member Since - February 2023

Country - Italy

Speaks - Arabic, English, Italian

Telephone profile lists

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Sales service CALL CENTER telephone profiled lists.

Our lists are in accordance with the law and are delivered with full exclusivity in order to provide an excellent and super-performing service.

Highly converting lists divided by interests.

€441.00 -10%
€392.00 -20% with more orders
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Jesolo, Veneto, Italy

Franchise Network

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Create a Franchise Network.

With us relying on Reting Italia, a company that deals with the development of small franchise network businesses in less than a year.

I offer advice and detailed analysis on your business professional situation or possible choice to manage a franchise center already tested and proven through budgets etc...

Book a consultation to find out more and I will be happy to help you and follow you in your business growth.

€40.00 -20% with more orders
Made in:
Jesolo, Veneto, Italy