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My name is Nicole, I'm 29 years old and I'm a naturopath and personal trainer specializing in women's workouts.

My 16 years of training in the gym have gradually made me led to understand that in the field of well-being and physical fitness it is necessary to work at 360 degrees to obtain the best results.

It is essential to take care of yourself through healthy eating, proper activity physical, aesthetic treatments and correct integration of natural products. Following this philosophy I therefore decided  to collaborate with Marina and with her beauty center "Her size" in Cermenate  in which, following an analysis of the figure, we offer personalized programs based on the needs and problems of each woman.

It is possible to request:

  • workout cards to do at home or in the gym to reshape your figure;
  • Pilates and/or postural gymnastics exercises to help relieve all those small pains and tensions that accumulate due to incorrect posture;
  • massages and beauty treatments with specific machines useful for draining excess liquids, reactivating circulation, fighting cellulite and adiposity; and tone the tissues, resulting in a firmer figure. slim, deflated and reshaped;

Advice on natural products for small problems such as:

  • difficulty digestive and intestinal;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • cellulite, poor circulation and overweight;
  • anxiety, stress, sleep disorders;
  • back pain and headache;
  • cystitis and candida;
  • low immune defenses  and predisposition to respiratory disorders.

We receive you by appointment from Tuesday on Friday from 9.00 to 19.00 and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 17.00.

For those who cannot reach us it is it is possible to carry out an online consultation via Skype or video call on Whatsapp (in this case the analysis of the figure is not foreseen); furthermore it is It is possible to book an at-home consultation which will include: an addition to the cost based on mileage.

Member Since - November 2022

Country - Italy

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Training and Coaching Cards

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Offro schede di allenamento specifiche per donne da fare in palestra o a casa.

In seguito a un colloquio e/o un'analisi della figura definiremo insieme gli obiettivi da raggiungere e la scheda verrà quindi preparata in modo personalizzato, sulla base delle specifiche esigenze di ciascuno.

Possono essere richieste anche schede con esercizi di pilates e/o ginnastica posturale per cercare di alleviare le problematiche e le piccole tensioni date da una postura scorretta e/o da patologie.

Made in:
Cermenate, Lombardia, Italy

Naturopathic Consultation

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Offro consulenze di naturopatia per aiutare la risoluzione di problematiche come:

-difficoltà digestive e intestinali

-disturbi mestruali

-cellulite, cattiva circolazione e sovrappeso

-ansia, stress, disturbi del sonno

-mal di testa e mal di schiena

-cistite e candida

-basse difese immunitarie e predisposizione a disturbi dell'apparato respiratorio

Durante la consulenza verrà effettuata un'analisi della figura (se necessaria) e un colloquio approfondito, così da poter consigliare in modo personalizzato i giusti rimedi naturali.

Made in:
Cermenate, Lombardia, Italy