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Enrolled at Professional association, Professional Educators, Roma , No. Fisc

I am a certified dog trainer from the Lazio Region, I work on the human-dog combination at 360°, I use the method with a cognitive-relational approach zooanthropological with the aim of making the owner able to teach his dog.

I solve behavioral problems, basic education of puppies and elderly people, pre-adoption suggestions.

I am a Fisc Mantrailing Sports instructor and I offer private or team lessons.

What is mantrailing Mantrailing is an activity research with a dog trained to follow the specific scent trace of a single person, having first identified the olfactory imprint.

Who can do? An activity suitable for every dog, of any breed or mixed breed, as the use of smell is the natural predisposition of the dog.

Member Since - June 2020

Country - Italy

Speaks - Italian

€ 30.00/hour

Dog educator and behavioral consultant

1 hour
Bookable for longer time
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I am a dog educator, I work on the human-dog combination at 360 °. I solve behavioral problems, cases of anxiety, stress, basic education for puppies and adults, pre-adoption tips!

What differentiates you from your direct competitors?

I am a certified dog educator of the Lazio Region, I use the method with a zooanthropological relational cognitive approach with the aim of making the owner able to teach anything to his dog.

What do you like about your job?

Having the tools to make my dream come true, to teach, all my work takes place at 360 ° on the owner and his dog, to get to re-establish a correct relationship with the aim of making the dog think, educate him, make him smarter, make him reflect and face everyday problems in a positive way.

What questions do customers usually ask you and how do you answer them?

Mine is now old and nothing more can be done, right? Absolutely not even the elderly dog ​​can be educated, I'm not saying that only I speak the statistics! I don't have time and can't move!

It is not a problem my training adapts to the needs of the owner, times and methods are agreed before the consultation, you will be advised, instructed and corrected in the mistakes made, we can safely also work remotely and I do not strictly need to see the dog every time !

Do you have any particular information you want to share about your work?

They say about me that I am a dog educator who is particularly attentive and effective in correcting incorrect behavior of both the owner and the dog and I am very patient.

Do you have any experiences you'd like to share?

I do a lot of sporting activity, running, running with the dog (canicross), mantrailing (olfactory research of human smell). I offer in the first consultation for the purpose of cognitive and evaluation the medical history and complete diagnosis of the dog to establish together with the owner an educational program suited to his needs, I have basic prices and I offer discounts on packages.

€40.00 if pay on-site
€26.00 - 35% if pay online
Available in:
Roma, Lazio, Italy