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For personal passion and after attending high-level courses, I became a wellness masseur. In particular, I specialize in classic Swedish massage.

With the use of oils and with technical maneuvers of brushing, friction, kneading and percussion, Swedish massage gives well-being and relaxation, reduces muscle tension and improves the quality of sleep.

Member Since - April 2023

Country - Italy

Speaks - Hindi, English, Italian, Punjabi

Swedish classic massage

1 hour
Available on-site and off-site within a range of 15km Booking with confirmation Pay online
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The classic Swedish massage is a relaxing massage which, with the use of oil and techniques of brushing, friction, kneading and percussion, contributes to physical well-being and general relaxation of the body.

€38.00 - 5%
Available in:
Aversa, Campania, Italy