I have studied HTML since the beginning with continuous professional updating. I have been working in the field of webdesigner and development for over 20 years. I have been a freelancer for 11 years, also available for continuous remote collaborations with VAT number and direct assistance to customers.

Among my main skills:

  • I develop Full Stack Web projects, Front-End and Back-End
  • Many years of familiarity with HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, on-page SEO
  • Processing for Coordinated Graphics and Logotypes
  • Development websites on Open Source platforms such as Wordpress including WooCommerce
  • Develop websites from code
  • Social Media Manager & Designer
  • Advertising campaign planning and management (SEM)
  • Google ADS professional
  • Totally customized management and CMS
  • Data management web app< /li>

Expert in customizing Wordpress sites and applications.

Sharing with the customer is, in my opinion, essential. It is important for me to share the client's project, his perspective, becoming familiar with it and being passionate about it. This is why I prefer not to have an excessive portfolio of clients, but a fair balance between giving and receiving.

I also specialize in the development of medical sites, with the related peculiarities. From the legal side to the purely graphic and communicative side in every aspect.

WARNING! I only work remotely, so for any direct meetings, please contact me in advance. For this reason, the address associated with me is always closed.

Member Since - April 2023

Country - Italy

Speaks - Italian

Showcase website in Wordpress

1 hour
Available only off-site within a range of 10km Booking with confirmation Pay on-site
Provided by

Creation of a showcase site, i.e. a site that promotes company activities or personal business.

The site includes (basic)

  • Home
  • Contacts / Where we are
  • GDPR with legal pages
  • Presentation page (About us)
  • Services

Use of Wordpress + Elementor Pro (there is a variable annual fee depending on whether the web space and domain registration is requested or not)

The basic configuration does not require access by the customer to make changes or to create new pages. To obtain this type of credentials, an alternative quote is provided as well as for any other request that exceeds the number of pages or the type of pages foreseen.

Graphically, 2 draft alternatives (2 revisions) for the Home page are provided to choose from. Once the graphics have been approved, the other pages will be created based on the graphic continuity.

Available in:
Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Appassionarsi al progetto del cliente

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