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Hello everyone, my name is Cecilia and I am a professional educator graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome. I collaborate with private nurseries and I am a substitute teacher of the kindergartens of the Municipality of Rome. I also take care of babysitting children aged 3 months and over. Thanks for your attention..

Member Since - October 2020

Country - Italy

Speaks - Italian

Babysitting and tutoring

3 hours
Bookable for longer time
Available on-site and off-site within a range of 20km Booking with confirmation Pay online or on-site
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My name is Cecilia, for many years I have been involved in tutoring in psychological, pedagogical and Italian literature subjects. I also provide tutoring for junior high school students in science subjects. I am also available as a babysitter, I guarantee professionalism, kindness and skills.

€45.00 if pay on-site
€36.00 - 20% if pay online
Available in:
Roma, Lazio, Italy