Pony Express in Turin
In Turin, the specialists in Express Shipping and Fast Delivery

In Turin, the specialists in Express Shipping and Fast Delivery
In Turin they call us in many ways: motorbike taxis, the best express courier in Turin, the boys who send envelopes, the urgent delivery agency (even if we do not distinguish between priorities, because we consider all deliveries urgent!) , those of urgent pick-ups and deliveries, the fastest pony express in Turin, the messengers for deliveries with mopeds, the ultra-rapid express deliveries in Turin and its province, those of express urban and extra-urban deliveries, those of rapid urban deliveries, the boys of fast deliveries, those of express shipments to Turin and the Province…

They also call us "the express ponies, the good ones, the fastest and most punctual in Turin and its province".
Yes, because we in Turin are "the good ones, the fast ones", we are the most reliable, fastest and most punctual express delivery service in the city

The Best Pony Express in Turin

The best Pony Expresses in the city because we know Turin better than anyone else, because we are always on the move both in the city and in the provinces and because there are so many of us.

For more than 20 years we have been delivering parcels, gifts, boxes and envelopes throughout the city of Turin and the hinterland, always ensuring punctuality, precision and absolute reliability.

Member Since - May 2023

Country - Italy

Speaks - Italian

Urgent shipment of an envelope

Delivery in 1 day   No revisions included
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Urgent shipment of an envelope from Turin to Turin, with our pony express.

Service performed within two hours of booking.

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