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Premium website

€800.00 if pay on-site

€680.00 - 15% if pay online

Available in:
Foggia, Puglia, Italy
Available on-site and off-site within a range of 100km

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The Premium Website is designed to support all those companies that need an online presence with an intuitive and usable platform.


The service includes:

  • Study of the sector and the reference target;
  • Onsite analysis with specific tools to evaluate the pre-processing situation and the interventions to be carried out;
  • Creation of the site with study of the internal sections for a maximum of 8;
  • Development on proprietary platform;
  • Analysis of the Marketing Funnel and calls to action;
  • Preparation for SEO activities and organic positioning;
  • Connection to the main corporate social channels;
  • Plus modules included
  • Responsive Web Design;
  • Professional Copywriting.

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Advanced website

Delivery in 20 days   No revisions included
Provided online Pay online
Provided by
Sam A. 

Creation of an advanced website of the highest quality. I can program in html, css and javascript.

I create both dynamic and static websites. To get in contact I prefer via chat, since I live in Sweden. For me, a website must be something one likes, one must put effort into creating it and people must be satisfied with it once they see it.

Made in:
Söderskogen, Uppsala Lan, Sweden