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Busto Arsizio, Lombardia, Italy
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Busto Arsizio

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Low back pain is a problem that can sometimes accompany us for long periods of our existence, for this reason it is worth getting to know this pathology more closely and the physiotherapist is right for you. Low back pain is a very common condition, since it is a phenomenon that appears at least once in a lifetime in 80% of the population. In the case of low back pain, recourse to the opinion of a physiotherapist is recommended, to schedule a series of sessions for rehabilitation purposes. Thanks to the indications of the expert physiotherapist, in fact, it is also possible to adopt very useful daily measures to improve posture and fight relapses. After the first consultation we can implement a series of techniques to combat low back pain such as manual, instrumental and postural rehabilitation (RPG) techniques. The rehabilitation sessions all have a significant impact on the recovery from low back pain, accelerating recovery times.