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Advice for separations and divorces

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€47.50 - 5% if pay online

€45.00 - 10% with more orders

Available in:
Sciacca, Sicilia, Italy
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During the first approach I try to provide the Client with a general framework on what to do with respect to the case envisaged.

Often, in the very dynamic matter in question, the customer does not know how to behave in everyday life.

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Legal consultancy in family law

Delivery in 1 day   No revisions included
Provided online Pay online
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For more than ten years I have been working to protect victims of emotional manipulation, psychological violence, family abuse, stalking and minor victims of witnessed violence.

€120.00 -20%
Made in:
Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Legal advice on separation and divorce

Delivery in 3 days   No revisions included
Provided online Pay online
Provided by

First free legal orientation consultation lasting approximately thirty minutes via Meet or Zoom.

If you want to separate or get divorced and want to know the times, process and costs or you want to know if you qualify to do it for free, contact the firm to make an appointment. After this consultation you will decide whether to take up the case, without any constraints.

Made in:
Crema, Lombardia, Italy

Family law of individuals and minors

Delivery in 7 days   No revisions included
Provided online Pay online
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I carry out online and telephone consultations. It is possible to make appointments in Calabria in the Castrovillari or Rende office and in Lazio in the Rome office.

€95.00 -5% with more orders
Made in:
Castrovillari, Calabria, Italy