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Graphological Consulting and Criminological Consulting and Legal Services


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I hereby propose to offer you my professional collaboration as a Judicial Graphologist, for:

-Graphic Appraisals on Signatures and Signatures (Comparative examination of signatures to certify their authenticity or, vice versa, counterfeiting through graphological analysis and the use of sophisticated tools for the appropriate documentary reliefs);

- Appraisals on Wills and Holographic Documents (Area of consultancy that combines handwriting analysis and instrumental and documentary surveys to ascertain the authenticity and integrity of holographic documents or certify an unknown or disputed paternity);

- Verifications of Anonymous Writings (A very difficult field of work due to the frequent lack of an adequate number of comparative documents, the verification of anonymous writings, such as can be, for example, wall writings or threatening letters, is a field of investigation in which the graphologist expert can provide important information, regarding age, cultural level and psychological profile, useful for tracing the identikit of the author).

-Analysis of writing (also on the victim - and the abused - crime against the person, or on the abuser and abuser).

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Legal advice

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My name is Silvia, I am a lawyer specializing in Criminal Law. I am enrolled in the list of defense counsel for legal aid and public defense counsel at the Rome Bar. I mainly deal with criminal law, juvenile criminal law and family law issues related to the former.

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Roma, Lazio, Italy

Legal advice

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I am available for giving legal advice in English in my offices in Genoa, Chiavari and Milan or via video call through the main platforms  (Skype, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telegram, Meet ...).

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Available in:
Genova, Liguria, Italy
Chiavari, Liguria, Italy
Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Legal advice

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Founded in 2007 as an "International and Maritime Law Consulting Firm", over the years it has expanded its skills by making use of professionals (lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors, accountants, ...) and today deals with all extrajudicial and legal activities , notary, technical, accounting necessary to solve problems of all kinds, becoming, as it is today.

We are present in Turin and its province as well as Asti and its province, we also operate in Liguria in the Imperia area and Savonese, but we have no problems moving or following practices remotely as evidenced by existing activities in Varese, Sassari or Salerno.

The Customer is not supported only to respond immediately to a problem which, in the event of complications, clearly requires greater consultancy with several Professionals to follow it; is always followed from the beginning of the practice until the end, the firm makes available the various professionals necessary for the specific case, from the civil/criminal lawyer to the labor law expert, from the urban planning and land registry technician to the surveyor for amnesties, from the accountant for the personal/company accounting up to the tax advisor also for disputes with INPS, Revenue Agency, former Equitalia, ...

In the case of inheritances and successions we take care of all the procedures up to the notarial deeds of inheritance declarations and tax payments.

For companies and individuals with economic difficulties and difficulties in repaying loans, mortgages or financing, we draw up repayment plans, settlement proposals with creditors, we interface with primary banking institutions for the provision of liquidity to close outstanding debt positions.

In debt collection we have access to all platforms to analyze the debtor's position and evaluate any forms of forced credit recovery.

In terms of rents and leases, we prepare rental contracts in accordance with and to protect the Customer. In the event of problems with the rents we take action to recover the unpaid sums and - where necessary - we proceed with eviction and property release activities.

In the case of public events/fairs/festivals, as we already do for Associations, Bodies, Public Administrations, we can draw up safety plans as per current legislation.

In the event of condominium problems, we support both the Administrators in the activity and the Condominiums to better understand the expenses, management, works, ... Regarding the Superbonus we are consultants for many Administrators, Condominiums and Companies.

For foreign citizens we deal with citizenship, repatriation and reunification procedures.

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Asti, Piemonte, Italy