From the ingenuity of four students from the University of Nice, including an Italian girl, "WeTrad" was born, a digital platform for audiovisual translation. The profession of translating video subtitles was thus officially born. 


The project starts from the need to make accessible to an ever wider public the material on the Internet, in particular the one published via video by non-English-speaking videomakers, which has difficulty spreading in the web compared to the one published in English. In recent years, in fact, we have seen the spread of videos on the Internet, not only as a game, but also as a means of information with informative and educational purposes. Youtube is definitely the most used channel, but there are also other video sharing platforms, like Vimeo. In this scenario, the four young students of the Faculty of Languages ??and Translation of the University of Nice, have decided to take advantage of the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies to found a real agency specialized in audiovisual translation on the Internet. The launch pad of this project will be the translation into Italian, Russian and Chinese of the contents published in French from the Youtube channel "Nota Bene", dedicated to the history of France and followed by over 400,000 users. The goal is to make the information of the channel comprehensible even to an international audience that does not know the French language, and then make this service available to other youtubers and videomakers who want to extend their audience of users. 


In an increasingly digital-oriented world, the profession of video subtitling translators can not but be included in the list of 2.0 professions that respond to the growing needs of the web audience. The experts of this profession will have to master not only the foreign languages ??(even the most difficult and least studied ones) but also the tools of digital communication, to try to translate at best and resonate on the Internet to the original message.