It is officially in force reform on the profession of industrial experts: with the approval of the Decree on the functionality of the education and research system (converting Decree Law 42/2016), the Italian Parliament has decided that, starting in 2021, to sign up albo and be able to exercise the profession of industrial expert, his degree, at least three years will be required. 


Will no longer be sufficient, therefore, the diploma at a technical institute. Starting from the Academic 2017/2018, in some universities, they will be activated the pilot projects of the three-year vocational degree specific to industrial experts. These university courses will be characterized by a strong blend of theoretical studies and practical experience, with training "on the job" and the work placements activation at professional studios of the sector agreement with the National Council of Industrial Technicians. In any case, the traditional degrees that allow access examination of graduate industrial expert qualification are listed in art. 55, paragraph 2d of Presidential Decree 328/01. The new regulations provide for a transitional period of five years, during which time can also subscribe to the Order of the graduates of vocational schools.  


The reform was long awaited by the National Council of Industrial Experts, with a view of the profession adapt to market requirements, requiring higher and higher and specialized technical skills. In this way, moreover, the legislation that regulates the profession of industrial expert is appropriate to the Italian and European legislation, which includes the possession of a degree corresponding to the sixth level to the exercise of an intellectual profession. But it not all: according to the CNPI reform is also important to make the most competitive category at national and EU level. With the raising of the security of access, in fact, it will open up new job opportunities in sectors previously dominated by other professional, while those who want to practice their profession in an EU member country will no longer support the compensatory exams for recognition the qualification obtained in Italy. In addition, current registered as can make use of the principle of assimilation contained in EC Directive 36/2005, which provides, in the case of raising the required qualifications to exercise a profession, the equivalence of the qualification level below to higher level.