In Las Vegas, the 50th edition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the most important consumer electronics fair held once a year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, has just ended. Over the years, the event has presented unprecedented technological innovations, some of which have become so famous that they have become established in the daily lives of our lives, like the "ancestors" of modern mobile phones or the latest Xbox. In 241,000 square meters of exhibition, this year the fair hosted stands from 57 countries and 50,000 professionals from 150 different countries. Visitors had the chance to discover a preview of interesting innovations in the field of electronics and futuristic creations that seem to come directly from the future, such as the "emotional" car that includes the driver's mood and expresses its own emotions. Many news regarding consumer electronic products, such as flat-panel TVs with a thickness of only 2.57 mm and with state-of-the-art audio systems, washing machines with double portholes to perform several washings at the same time, remotely controlled by smartphones and tablets, or cars with a futuristic design that is completely electronic and with ever greater travel autonomy. Among the most interesting creations, we can mention the "kitchen garden", a sort of refrigerator designed for the "urban peasants" of large cities, where you can grow 32 salads at the same time, or the smartphone with a fully flexible screen that rolls up on the wrist and also acts as a fitness tracker. 

But the CES 2017 

was not just an opportunity to see the hi-tech of the future up close. During the event, in fact, we have also presented bizarre inventions that certainly will not revolutionize the life of man in the coming years, but that have nevertheless attracted the curiosity of visitors and lovers of the sector, such as the wardrobe that folds the dressed alone, the scarf that filters the polluted air or the jeans that can be connected to the GPS maps of our smartphone that signal the road to be taken through the vibration of the pockets.