Home Restaurant: What is it about?

For some years now we have heard more and more frequently about Home Restaurant: it is a real social phenomenon, one of the latest trends in the culinary field, which is completely revolutionizing the concepts of traditional restaurant lunches and dinners. Restaurant developed in the United States in the early 2000s, and then took hold in the rest of the world. The Home Restaurant trend is slowly arriving in Italy as well and is spreading mainly thanks to social media.

Do we know what a Home Restaurant specifically is? Let's find out together.

With Home Restaurant we mean literally "Restaurant at home", therefore your home becomes a restaurant, where you can host relatives, friends or strangers. The owner of the house offers a menu with his own specialties, often typical of regional cuisine, in according to the area in which you are located.

The Home Restaurant is also a valid alternative for cooking enthusiasts who want to start a professional career in the restaurant world, without necessarily investing a large sum of money to open the classic restaurant.Managing a home restaurant is certainly less demanding than the traditional one. restaurant, which is why it can also be thought of as a secondary activity, a form of additional income.

When we talk about Home Restaurant we are not referring to an activity carried out by professionals in the sector, but often of beginners with the desire to test their skills as a "cook".

The characteristics to open a Home Restaurant

In addition to an irrepressible passion for cooking and an unbridled desire to share it with relatives, friends or strangers, let's see specifically what are the characteristics necessary to open a Home Restaurant.

- The house must be equipped with an internal or external space to accommodate a certain number of customers.

- The attention paid to cleanliness, hygiene, order, regarding the house and the equipment used is essential.

- Kindness, attention to guests, attention to detail are the basis for the perfect success of the business.

- Possessing excellent communication skills especially in transmitting the passion for cooking, in addition to the detailed story of the dishes offered are winning ingredients for success.

- Another password is PROFESSIONALISM, from welcoming guests, to the presentation and tasting of the dishes on offer, up to the end of the evening.

REMEMBER: Satisfied guests are your ideal showcase and word of mouth for the next customers.

Find out all the info to open a Home Restaurant!